Halloween can be a fun and exciting time of year, a time for witches and wizards, pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins!  Decorating your porch for the haunting holiday can be a great way to share your festive spirit.  Here are 10 great seasonal porch décor ideas that all of us can use take part in the Halloween fun.

      Go for a great traditional look with some simple corn husks and various pumpkins and seasonal gourds.  Stack colorful pumpkins and squashes up the stairs and around the front door and you easily create a festive and seasonal display that is inviting and engaging.  Give the traditional look an update by painting your pumpkins a trendy farmhouse look, or sparkly gold.

halloween decor


halloween decor

      Bats go hand in hand with a spooky Halloween display so why not create a cloud of bats flying across your front door!  Simply cut out a group of bats out of black cardstock and secure to the wall and door in a shape as if they are flying across the porch. Country Living created a festive front door this way.

      For a spooky fright it is surprisingly simple to create a couple of standing mummies.  Place a couple of these next to the front door to give your visitors a seasonal scare.

      Another, more simple, spin on the mummy theme, you can easily turn your front door into a mummy face by loosely wrapping the door with muslin, gauze, or white fabric and affix some black felt circles for eyes.

      If witches are more your thing, then creating a mysterious display by hanging a bunch of witches’ hat with some clear fishing line gives the illusion that the hats are floating mid-air. Polkadotchair has a great tutorial on how to achieve this look. 

 Add DIY potion bottles below your hats complete with a spell book.   Labels and templetes are easy to find online.  The first thing you need are empty bottles- hord your spice rack, medicine bottles, even mason jars wil work. Spray paint with a tarnished metal coloring and print off potion labels.  

The more potions you have the more impressive your decor will be.  Tea lights are an easy way to light up your display.

      If you have a flight of stairs up to your front door a great bit of Halloween décor that is easy to make with the kids are Halloween luminaries!  With some seasonal shapes cut out of black paper attached to some brown paper bags you can create an enchanting path of luminaries that will light the way for all of your trick-or-treating visitors.

 Spider webbing is the cheapest route.  For $1 a bag you can go out with this supply!  Pull a small amount at a  time and stretch the webbing as far as you can.  The web can attach a stucco home very well.  Using clear pushpins on the top of door frames can help webs stay in place as well.  


 A rocking chair with a skeleton is a classic look for good reason.  It takes a few minutes to set it up, and looks amazing.  I like to add a bow tie or hat to my skeleton.  A skeleton dog adds even more.  Thanks Nob Hill for that great idea.

 One of my personal favorite decorations is a Halloween street sign.  Both of these examples are easy to make with a yard stake and scrap 2×4 wood planks nailed to the center.  

 Grab your cauldron and broom! Fill the couldron with newpaper in the bottom half to take up most of the room.  Then fill your cauldron with any art signs, fake webbing or other Halloween decorations you might already have.  A large broom can be placed to the side.  My broom was made with a large stick my son found on a hike.  Hot glue with raffia can create magic!  

Need more Halloween DIY ideas?  We have you covered!  Check out: 12 Beautiful Halloween Wreath Ideas or The 12 BEST DIY Halloween Decorations for interior decor ideas!  Having a party this year?  You will need: 6 Tips to an Amazing Adult Halloween Party or Halloween Party Games.

Need Halloween porch decor ideas? Look no further, here are great DIY decorations for the festive season this fall!
Need Halloween porch decor ideas? Look no further, here are great DIY decorations for the festive season this fall!
Need Halloween porch decor ideas? Look no further, here are great DIY decorations for the festive season this fall!