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Accent walls started trending several years ago when people fell in love with the eye-catching style of an accent wall…. Read more »

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Accent walls started trending several years ago when people fell in love with the eye-catching style of an accent wall. Turns out, this fad is not going anywhere soon, but accent walls have been elevated from just paint.

Now, accent walls can be colored, papered, chalked, wood, brick, or textured. Accent walls are best done to divide or define a space and can replace the need for art or other wall hangings when the wall itself is the design. Here are the best wall makeovers that make an accent wall stand out above the rest.


While this is a popular trend in kitchens, it is not limited to one area of the house. Sleek wall tiles are a stunning way to deliver floor to ceiling texture.



brick wall with whitewash

An exposed brick wall is a beautiful addition to a farmhouse style home. Best of all, this isn’t even real brick, it’s brick panels that are easier to apply and can be cut to perfectly fit your space.

Winner Winner!



A beautiful wood accent wall is the perfect addition to a bedroom, living space, office, den, or man cave. Surprisingly, this look is easy to pull together yourself with some 6” boards, a nail gun and wood stain. It’s the perfect weekend warrior project.



wall decor interior pattern

    Can you believe this wall is created with Sharpie markers? Yeah, neither did I, but it’s true. If you happen to have a few (hundred) markers and a creative vision, more power to ya!


panel wall diy decor

    Panels are another great way to add dimension and texture to an accent wall. This DIY version is easier than you think.


    A chalkboard wall is one of the hottest trends in home décor right now and you can use simple décor to make chalkboard paint chic and sophisticated (and did I mention extremely functional too?)


    Some art pieces are beautiful enough to span the entire length of the wall. World maps are the perfect example. It’s beautiful, classic, and will never go out of style.

accent wall

    While most of us can’t afford a giant marble slap as an accent wall (not to mention the logistical and engineering challenges that creates), this marble wallpaper is a great alternative. All the elegance, style, and sophistication without the cost or weight of actual marble.

accent wall decor

    3D Panels here I come! I am in love with this idea because it is so different than anything I’ve seen so far. Transform your wall into more than an accent, but an eye-catching statement-making work of art.


accent wall decor

 This wall is a little outside my comfort zone, but I’d love for someone to tackle it and then invite me over so I can ooh and ahh at your amazingness. Bring life (literally) into your home with this living accent wall.


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