10 Creative Ways to Give Cash Gifts

For the nephews that already have every toy, the sister-in-law who doesn’t need anything, or the teacher/friend that is hard… Read more »

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For the nephews that already have every toy, the sister-in-law who doesn’t need anything, or the teacher/friend that is hard to buy for, there’s always cold hard cash for Christmas.  Of course, handing someone a card and a $20 bill is quite possibly the least personal gift on the planet and says nothing about how you feel about the person. Anyone with a debit card can give cash, but it takes someone special to make that cash mean a little more.

Take your gift-giving up a notch and instead of letting the ATM do all the work, make those cash gifts more personal this year with these creative ways to give money for a gift.

Life is like a box of chocolates, but life gets a little brighter when the chocolate box is filled with cash! You can adjust the amounts in each box depending on the recipient, but everyone is sure to love this thoughtful gift.

Christmas cash gift


A money wreath is a great way to give a little extra cash to coworkers, teachers, neighbors, or friends. I love this festive idea!

folding money gifts


What a clever little Christmas tree that brings great tidings to whoever gets this bundle of cash on Christmas morning.

folding money Christmas gift


If one tree is not enough, make them an entire lot of trees that is sure to bring a smile to their face! This would also be a great gift for a group of friends, or office party.

creative cash gifts


Clean out a tissue box and refill it with never-ending roll of cash. Tape the last dollar to a tissue. The recipient will start to pull out a tissue and see the green that lies beneath.

money gifts


If you have a teenager or adult who needs cash for food on the go, fill their favorite to-go back with cash to cover their next meal.

Christmas cash ideas


Think about what the recipient might spend the money on, if you have a shopaholic on your list who prefers to pick out her own clothes, use this tutorial to fold dollar bills into dresses, pants, or tops that are ready for the mall.


A cute way to give cash to someone who really needs it. With this gift, they are ready to go with this last-minute emergency kit.


Everyone could use a little extra “dough” This is a great idea for a last minute gift that doesn’t require any time or advance preparation.


Ok this one isn’t exactly a DIY, but these money mazes make a great gift idea. In order to get the cash, your family or friends must first solve the puzzle and open the trick box. This makes for great entertainment on Christmas morning and may keep kids busy trying to get their cash.

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creative cash gifts Christmas cash gift

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