Valentine’s is all about gifts from the heart. To me, that means handmade, heartfelt, and sincere. It doesn’t mean expensive flowers, candy, or jewelry (although I wouldn’t say no to any of those options.) My favorite Valentine gifts are something that took a little time and thought. A handwritten Valentine card always make me smile.

I’m not usually one to spend hours making a handmade card, but I do think that Valentine’s cards mean a little bit more when they are made with love. Luckily, these 10 Valentine card tutorial are fast, easy, and show someone you care.

    How cute is this LOVE card from Crafting with Jenny? I love the little ribbon and the saying “I heart you” at the bottom of the card. I say that all the time to my husband and kids so it’s kind of perfect.


    I love this card because it has a handle! Ok, it’s a lollipop. Who said Valentine’s cards couldn’t be nice and sweet? My kids would love this as a little surprise.

LolliPop Treat Tutorial

    Look at this hand embroidered card, it is beautiful. This is definitely a card I could not throw away if someone made it for me (hint hint). The effect is beautiful, but it is relatively simple to do. You could make several during just one episode of the Bachelor.

Heart Card

    How cute are these?! I love the little tie on the front, and they just happen to be the perfect size for a fun size snack.

    My kids go crazy for tic tac toe. It is our go-to solution for anytime we need to keep them occupied and relatively quiet. Needless to say, we go through a lot of notepads in our house and this cute tic tac toe card is so simple with a little washi tape and Valentine’s stickers.

Tic Tac Toe

    Valentine card ideas for boys can be harder to find. These minions fit the bill perfectly. I love their little facial expressions.

Minion Faces

    It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You don’t even need a computer or a printer. Just some paper, marker, and a stash of buttons.

Cute as a Button Card

    We’ve done these butterflies for my daughter’s class several times and they are always a hit. It looks like you spent a lot of time and effort, but really they are super simple.

Butterfly Printable

    Did you guys realize you could make your own scratch-off valentine? What a fun idea! I love this because you could personalize your cards for spouse or kiddos. Have them scratch off a heart to reveal their Valentine’s surprise!

Scratch Valentine

 What better way to send a Valentine card, than to put it in a paper airplane. I love this idea and best of all, it’s a free printable!

Airplane Card