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You can never have enough clocks in your house. I have one in almost every room and I still find… Read more »

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You can never have enough clocks in your house. I have one in almost every room and I still find new clocks that I absolutely love. The only problem is, clocks can be expensive. Some of the larger clocks can range in price from $100 to over $500 or more for a beautiful wall clock. I can think of a lot of other things to spent that kind of money on, which is why I love a good DIY. DIY wall clocks give you the look you want at a significantly lower price tag. Plus, then you get to see the look on your friend’s face when you tell them that you made it yourself – they will realize what a genius you really are.home decor

When it comes to wall clocks, its go big or go home. I love a clock that serves as a backdrop to a table, a statement piece in the room, or a work of art on the wall.

clock decor

Big, oversized wall clocks have been trendy for a couple of years and the style isn’t going away anytime soon.

diy clock

clock decor

You can also make smaller clocks that are perfect for a side table, shelf, or bedroom. I love the idea of creating clocks that match your own personal style.  This domino clock would be perfect for a game room.  My boys would love it!  

diy clock


What your clock to match the colors of your room.  Sand down some wood planks and paint it just how you want it!

plank clock

To create any clock, all you really need is the clock parts, which you can find at any craft or hobby shop, and a backdrop to put them on. It doesn’t have to be circle, squares make great clocks too. You can choose to include numbers, roman numbers, dots, or nothing at all.

One of the best ways to use DIY clocks is to create a piece that matches the theme of your space. I love the idea of using interesting items like bike wheels or old records to create a clock that is uniquely fit just for you.

DIY clock

DIY clock

Got an art enthusiast or a math wiz in your home? Create a clock that works just for them. They will love the time and effort you put into a personalized item, and it’s definitely not something you can find in a store. 

DIY clock

Think outside the box when it comes to clocks, look around at what would be beautiful or interesting. You can make personalized clocks out of heirloom items, family pictures, or favorite things. It’s about so much more than passing the time, it’s about personalizing each moment with a clock just for you.


Make your own clock with these great ideas and information!
Make your own clock with these beautiful ideas!

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