It’s happened to all of us. One day you look at the calendar and realize it’s December 15th. Nothing is ready, nothing is setup, your house still has pumpkins everywhere and Christmas will be here in less than 10 days. Quick Christmas décor doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

Easy DIY tricks can transform your home from Autumn splendor into a winter wonderland in less than an afternoon. Here are our best tricks for quick DIY Christmas décor ideas you can use today!

Mason jars and tiny lights is all you need to create a beautiful table décor. You can also use this as a centerpiece with battery powered lights. You can add a little white sand or glass beads at the bottom of the jar if you have them on hand.

Use what you already have. This beautiful centerpiece is created using bath salts (in the bottom), or you can use coarse cooking salt as well. Add a few pinecones from the backyard and a candle from the dollar store. If you don’t have an apothecary jar, you can use a large glass salad bowl, trifle dish, or even a clear mixing bowl.

Christmas decor ideas


Pull out a couple of old vases and fill them with unused ornaments. If you don’t have any extra ornaments, hit up the dollar store for plastic ornaments that are beautiful and won’t break.

Christmas decoration ideas

DIY Christmas decor


Welcome in family and friends with a quick alternative to expensive and time-consuming wreaths. A bright ribbon (or folded fabric) creates a beautiful bow on your front door.

Easy Christmas decor


If you have a chalkboard, you have a table display with a little creativity, a few green sprigs and a wrapped gift. That’s all it takes to create easy Christmas décor.

Simple Christmas decor


Use an old or unused picture frame and create a beautiful print for your kitchen, bath, or mantel. I love the deer silhouette and you can do it using any type of color scheme you’d like.

indoor Christmas decor


A few screws in an old board and a little bit of ribbon create a beautiful star wall art that is perfect for the holidays. I love this style of farmhouse home décor that is effortless and elegant.

Christmas decor


Holiday candy makes the best décor because it already comes in a perfect color scheme. Fill up a vase with layered candy of any kind and create a centerpiece that’s pretty to look at and delicious.

sweet Christmas decor


What a beautiful way to create quick wall art with a pure white canvas and some glitter letters. You can find pre-made glitter letters that will stick on with little to no effort and create a beautiful and personal canvas.

easy Christmas decor

Can you believe these beautiful metallic balls are created with pushpins? Yep-head to the office supply store and you’ll have beautiful décor in minutes.Christmas decor



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Christmas decor