Confession Time: I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. There are so many Valentine’s haters out there that are not embracing the holiday as they should be. I can’t quite decide why so many people don’t share my love for this holiday. Maybe it’s because we are still recovering from Christmas. Maybe it’s because it’s created by Hallmark and Hershey’s but I say, “Thank You Hallmark!” I think it is a wonderful chance to fill the world with goodness.

Of course, you don’t need a national holiday to show love to others, but why not enjoy the one we have? Getting into the holiday of love doesn’t take a lot of effort. Here’s a few free Valentine printables for home décor and sweet cards for those people you love.


    Just Busy With Life has a great collection of printables for the home. Print out a couple of these darling prints and pop them in a frame for an end table or create a cute Valentine’s shelf.

15 Free Printables

    How cute is this little paper banner? I love this because I don’t necessarily want to decorate my entire house in pink and red and hearts. I love a darling banner that I can put up and enjoy for the week of Valentine’s to spread a little extra love around the house.

Conversational Heart Banner

    Emojis are so popular and these Valentine’s are adorable. I love how simple they are and perfect for just about any age.

Emoji Printables

    These are quite possibly my most favorite Valentine’s cards ever. I love that they are quirky and simple and adorable. Perfect for kids or spouses, I love them all, but especially the chili pepper that says, “You’re Hot.”

Quirky Valentines

    What a fun Valentine’s celebration, I love the idea of having an opportunity to spend time with all the people that you love. The banner and the printable and the adorable strawberry milk is perfect.

Love is Sweet

    These chalkboard printables work for either cards or home décor. I love that they are subtle and beautiful. Chalkboards are very popular right now and these designs are perfect.

Chalkboard Printables

    This one is perfectly pretty and I love every pink inch of it. Perfect for a table or a shelf or nightstand.

One and Only Printable

    This is one of those  Valentine printables that you can keep up all year. It doesn’t scream Valentine’s but it does provide a subtle reminder of love in a beautiful way.

Heart Printable

    What a fun way to give Valentine printables AND a treat in one! That’s my definition of a win-win.

Pop Printable

 This is a simple printable that goes with a unique snack perfect for a classroom party.

Awesome Sauce Printable