When I got married, I learned lots of things. One of the most important things I learned was that there are people all over the world doing Christmas wrong. Growing up, Santa never wrapped Christmas presents for my husband or his sister. Dolls, trucks, clothes, toys, they all just appeared under the tree in their packaged glory without a bow or tag to be seen. So, when my daughter was born, my husband thought I was crazy for my talk of wrapping, ribbons, and bows. I started to consider that he might be right. Maybe this was all a waste of time and money, maybe elves don’t need to wrap.

So I didn’t. Worst. Decision. Ever.

I learned that year that Christmas wrapping is a huge part of the holiday, it is, in fact, the start of Christmas morning. Without Christmas wrapping you have kids who have waited all year for Christmas, who wake up with sleepy eyes, stumble into the family room, see their presents and 2 seconds later it’s over. Not my idea of a magical day.

From that point forward, every gift is wrapped, every package is tied, and every bow is created with love and care. The glistening packages all in a bundle is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  I love doing it and I will never stop.

Here’s a few of the most beautiful Christmas gift wrapping ideas that I’ve seen this year. Can’t wait to try out a few to tuck under our tree this year!

    Who  knew there was chalkboard paper!? I love this idea, especially for work parties or family gatherings where you need a lot of bang for your buck. I couldn’t find this at my craft store, but here is a link for a great deal on the Black Chalkboard Gift Wrap Roll through amazon- love that 2 day shipping!


 Going Home to Roost

    No paper? No problem! I love the idea of using old sweaters for wrapping, and best of all – it’s reusable!wrapping-2

Boxwood Clippings

    I love these big initials on each package – what a fun way for Santa to bring his special packages.wrapping-3


    These are nothing more than craft paper and yarn, which is a super inexpensive way to wrap a lot of gifts. You could also create a similar idea with ribbon which would be beautiful as well.wrapping-4

The Shady Acre
    Make those visions of sugarplums come to life by wrapping with candy! My kids would love this gift wrapping!  wrapping-5DIY.com

    I love this idea because you can get the kids involved. Have them help you make a bunch of snowflakes and see if they can find their own on Christmas morning! wrapping-6 

    I love to coordinate my Christmas wrapping each year. Every year is different and I love this idea of the shiny gold and muted silver. What a beautiful combination! wrapping-7Boxwood Clippings

    Washi tape is one of the greatest inventions of this century, and I use it for everything – even wrapping paper! What a great idea to dress up basic brown craft paper.  I always keep craft paper on hand for crafts all year long, Amazon has a Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll (100ft) on sale for only $20.  That will last you forever!  wrapping-8

Style Logistics

    Sometimes the simplest gift wrapping is the best. I love this package, with a simple bow and a tiny ornament.wrapping-9



 Who says duct tape can’t be beautiful? This box proves them wrong 100%.DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

 The Sweetest Occasion

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