If David Copperfield was an interior designer, spray paint would be his secret weapon. I mean seriously, a little spray here and another coat there and you can transform literally anything in your home in under an hour.

It is cheaper, faster, and easier than nearly any other DIY project and it works on just about anything. Here are 10 Household items you can spray paint for a big impact.

  Vent covers:

Who knew, right?! Old vent covers are almost impossible to clean well enough to look new and replacing each vent cover can be expensive. Problem solved! Clean them thoroughly and then spray paint to perfection.spray-paint-1

Vent Covers


Door knobs, bathroom faucets, cabinet handles, dresser pulls, any type of hardware can be easily removed and spray painted to update the entire look of your home. Metallic-style spray paint makes it look completely natural and professional.spray-paint-2


Curtain Rods

This is nothing short of sheer genius. This bay window is covered using darling curtains held up with PVC pipe that is, you guessed it, spray painted! No one notices the curtain rod anyway, so save yourself some time and hassle by using PVC instead._dont-use-spray-paint-3

Curtain Rods


Even your wardrobe can get an update with a simple layer of spray paint. Paint your old rubber boots with a fresh new coat and you will be ready to splash, work, and play in style.spray-paint-4

Paint Boots

 Patio Furniture

Patio furniture takes a beating during the year, and can be expensive to replace, so give it a refreshing look with spray paint. Go bold with bright colors, or classic with dark grey or a solid black finish.spray-paint-5

Patio Furniture

 Measuring Tape

This idea gave me all the feels. Spray paint a measuring tape white, then use it as a growth chart to record milestones as your children grow.spray-paint-6

Measuring Tape

 Light Fixtures

Say goodbye to shiny brass light fixtures and hello to rustic, shabby chandeliers. Two coats of spray paint is a whole lot cheaper than a brand new light fixture.spray-paint-7

Light Fixture

 Wicker Baskets

I love this idea because wicker baskets are often cheap, but don’t really lend much style to your home. Transform them with spray paint and get the trendy look without the steep price tag.spray-paint-8


 Kids Toys

Spray paint gives used toys a whole new life. Now you can save money by recycling toys, transforming garage sale finds, and breathing new life into used toys with plenty of play left in them.spray-paint-9

Kid Toys

 Tin Cans

Coffee cans, coco cans, and even canned goods can get a complete makeover with spray paint. A little bit of spray paint and your coffee can now looks like an expensive copper herb garden.

Copper Tins