Interior decorating becomes a little more challenging when you have more opinions to take into consideration. When those opinions from from opinionated teenagers, the challenge seems enormous. Finding that happy balance between creating a room your teen loves and a room that doesn’t make you cringe can seem impossible. Teenagers tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms, so it needs to be more about them and their personality, interests, and hobbies.

Embracing your child’s style is much better than trying to fight it every step of the way. When done correctly, you can create a room that embraces any interest and still make it look amazing. Here are the top 10 teen room that parents and teens can enjoy.

    I love the bright teal desk in this teen room. You can start with the desk they already have, or a garage sale find, and let them paint it their favorite color and add a funky chair for flair.  You can find a faux shag fur ottoman here to complete the feel.  


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    Go neutral. If your teen is one who hates every color you suggest, go with no color at all. This room still looks classy, cozy, and a relaxing space to unwind.teen-2

    Find creative ways to accessorize with hobbies. There are lots of ways to incorporate your teens interests and keep it classy, like this drum set made into overhead lighting. This Amazing 4 panel wall art would complete this room. 


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    Go bold with color by including a lot of color in the same pallet. If your teen likes it all and wants to pack as much as she can into one space, guide her through the process by keeping colors in the same hues and selecting  black and white bedding to bring it all together.


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    Embrace patterns. This room has patterns on the ceiling, walls, and floor and it looks amazing. I love the bold stripes on the walls offset by classic furniture.teen-5

    Reclaimed woods makes a great statement piece in a boys bedroom. Children like their name on the wall, but older teens may want to emphasize what they love. This style of accent wall works beautifully in both a boy or girl room.


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    I love this is sports room that doesn’t scream kindergarten soccer. It is definitely more of a grown up, man cave style teen bedroom.


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    Make dark work for your benefit. If your teen is into dark, grunge style –work with that by giving them a dark accent wall and then brightening it up a big with lighted letters. Here is the link for the Silver Metal Marquee Letters


    Even graffiti can look amazing when used correctly in a teen room. Give them the canvas and let them go crazy. Wall Smart Designs will make  personalized GRAFFITI Name Sticker Decal through Amazon, how amazing would that be?  My teen would love it!


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 Using fabric as a wall covering is a great way to make a space look more personal and cozy. This is also a great idea if you are making a bedroom in an unfinished basement space, or sharing bedrooms with a sibling.teen-10