You may be surprised to see how much time you spend in the bathroom if you added up all your trips throughout the day. Although the loo is likely the smallest room in the house, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. On the contrary, I love to decorate small bathrooms, because they lend themselves to options that aren’t always realistic in a larger space.

Decorating small bathrooms is a great way to show off an accept piece, or increase much-needed storage. Here are ten ways to decorate small bathrooms that really pack a punch.

    The first thing I like to do in a bathroom is replace the standard, ugly, towel rod with hooks. They look better and function twice as better.

    Using a wine rack for shelves is a great way to storage extra towels, especially if you do not have an extra linen closet nearby.

    Raising the shower curtain up to the ceiling creates a more elegant look, even to the smallest bathrooms. Swap a standard shower curtain for longer drapes and instantly upscale your bathroom to a spa-like atmosphere.  

    Crates on the wall is a great way to add storage and style for a farmhouse, country feel. The rustic feel of the crates gives a natural and shabby style to either a large or small bathroom.

    Most people don’t look above eye level when it comes to storage, but shelves near the ceiling are the perfect way to add style and make use of otherwise empty space.

    If you are in a rental, or don’t want to make permanent changes, cutting vinyl floor covering to fit your space is a great way to make a stylistic update without the cost, labor, or mess of replacing the flooring completely.

    If possible, replace shower surrounds with glass doors. The clear doors make the room appear larger, and give a more elegant look to the bathroom.

    Small bathrooms always look better with an element of contrast. This can be done with paint, wallpaper (yes, it’s back in), painted cabinets, or assets.

    I love a bathroom backsplash, it’s unexpected and yet completely fitting for the space. You can make it pop with a different texture, color, or pattern.   

 The bathroom is the perfect spot for unique pieces like a statement mirror, unique lighting fixtures, or unique wall art.


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