The kitchen is the grand central station of your home. We are here to help with a few ideas to organizing 10 kitchen things in five minutes (or less). The kitchen is a constant hustle bustle, dumping ground, and meeting area for the entire family. It is a gathering place, and often is the first place to accumulate piles of clutter. Start with a few of these things today and watch your kitchen transform into a tidier environment.

how to organize your kitchen

1. Put away the mail. Toss it or file it. Here’s a tip for preventing future stacks of mail; empty the mail over the trash can and immediately throw away junk mail as soon as you receive it.  I get the mail from outside and pass the trash can on my way into my home, so half of the mail delivered doesn’t even enter my house.   File it into one of two piles: things to do immediately, or something to store.  Any coupons you may get, keep in your car or your purse.
2. Wipe counters and doorknobs with cleaning/disinfecting wipes. It makes a huge difference to make those surfaces clean again.  Store slow cookers, bread cubby’s or other countertop items behind a cupboard if you have the space.
3. Have a kid drawer.  If you have kids like I do, donate one of your kitchen drawers (one that is close to the ground for them to access) for all their stuff.  Homework, flyers, happy meal toys, coloring books, etc all go in the kid drawer.  Then every few months, trash all the papers the once loved but have now long forgotten.
4. Straighten the silverware drawer. It shouldn’t be a treasure hunt to find a spoon, organizing the silverware drawer is quick and easy.

organize kitchen
5. Refill empty soap dispensers.
6. Update labels. If you don’t have labels – add them your pantry and refrigerator to keep things in place.  You can find fancy printables online, or you can make a quick job of it and use a sharpie marker.  Either way, now the whole family knows where things go.

organizing your kitchen
7. Go through kitchen cupboard and toss expired food or things you won’t eat. You might be surprised how much you can clean out just by getting rid of expired food.
8. Limit your kitchen decor.  This kitchen has absolutely no decor and looks like a museum.  Add a vase of flowers here, a quote here, but decorations should be at a minimum in the kitchen.  All those decorations belong away from food, steam and messes.

quick kitchen tips
9. Pay a bill, sign a permission slip, respond to an RSVP. These small things add up, stop procrastinating, and do those little things you’ve been meaning to get to when you have time.
10. The floor. Look at how much space your floor covers.  At a quick glance of your kitchen, your floor can either add a lot of clean, or a  lot of dirt.   I hate cleaning the floor as much as anyone, it seems to get dirty 5 seconds after I clean it.  This is why it must be done daily.  Sweeping the floor each day prevents it becoming really scary, and does add to the overall feel to the kitchen.

The kitchen is grand central station of your home. We are here to help with a few ideas to organizing 10 kitchen things in five minutes (or less).