Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. Specifically the part of Beauty and the Beast where the Beast shows Belle the library. I always knew that true love included a library of books, mountain of books, books of every kind.

While most of us don’t have a library (or a talking candlestick), there are still several fantasy-worthy ways to display your books in an elegant bookshelf for your own castle.

    OK seriously, this is amazing. An old piano turned bookshelf. This is a dream come true for those of us who hold a special place for both music and books.

    If you have the space, I love the idea of these diagonal bookshelves. It’s a little unexpected but oh so chic. It gives a little bit of a honeycomb feel, and allows you to organize by author, collection, color, the possibilities are endless.

    This is a more practical approach to bookshelves that is very modern and elegant. The low shelves double as a room divider, while giving you plenty of space to display your collection.

    It’s not a cupboard under the stairs, but it’s still the perfect spot for Harry Potter and other books of fantasy. I love this idea because it gives purpose to otherwise unused space. That’s a win-win!

    It’s important to keep in mind that bookshelves can hold more than books. You can use bookshelves to display personal mementos, souvenirs, and other things that are special to you.

    I’m fairly certain I could sit here all day long. Window seats are always a favorite design aesthetic to me and I love this cozy coupe lined with elegant bookshelves.

    How beautiful is this tree bookshelf? It combines the beauty of wall art with the functionality of a bookshelf. Despite it being a statement piece, it is very versatile and would work in a family living space, children’s bedroom, hallway, or even a den or office space.

    I love the idea of these cube shelves to create a 3-dimensional gallery wall that includes storage for books as well as home décor. You can create a similar idea using crates.

    What’s better than a bookshelf? No bookshelf. These floating book stacks are incredible to look at, and you can install them in any design you’d like. A simple set of two or three, or an entire wall of floating books – I love it all.

 No need to leave your chair to grab the next volume of your favorite series, you have everything you need in one cozy spot.