“Mom! When is soccer?” “Honey, what day is your doctor appointment?” “How many days until we go to grandmas?” So many questions are answered with the simple addition of a family calendar. A clear calendar makes it easy for your family to see what is going on, where, and when. Plan out your date nights, karate class, school programs, and keep everyone on the same page. Here are ten stylish calendar ideas that can help keep you and your family organized and on time.  

  If you have a large wall to fill and a large family to coordinate, consider a full wall calendar made from vinyl chalkboard squares. Chalkboard markers make it easy to use, and it wipes clean each month.calendar-4

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    Grab a cute frame at the local thrift store and paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Instantly, you have a giant chalkboard that is easy to use and inexpensive to put together. Put it in a common area where everyone can see what is going on.calendar-3

    This is a super cute way to display the weekly calendar. The large frames for each day make it easy to include individual obligations, extracurricular schedules, and even a weekly menu plan.calendar-2

    A bulletin board calendar is a great idea because you can actually add flyers, business cards, school notes, and other reminders to the calendar.calendar-1

    Individual children centers work great for lots of kids with lots of schedules. Each child has a command center that includes their chores, calendar, and school papers. This helps to reinforce structure and responsibility for little ones of all ages.calendar-6

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    I love this binder calendar from Michaels. It is an easy way to create the entire year at once and hang it available for the entire family to see.calendar-7

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    A basic white board makes a monthly calendar simple and classic. It’s easy to use and everyone can add their own notes. I like to assign each member of the family a color, so all their obligations are written in a specific color to make planning at a glance easy.    An old frame and a basic home printer is all you need to put together this cute framed family calendar. The basic black boxes are printed, framed, and then the glass acts as a wipe-off surface so you can change the calendar from month to month.calendars-8

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    This daily shadow box calendar is a great addition to your home or office. I love that it’s simple, pretty, and functional. Also makes a great gift for a co-worker or Secretary’s Day.   calendar-9

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 The paint chip calendar is one of the most popular DIY calendar ideas because it’s simple, personable, and functional. What could be better?calendar-10