We spent a lot of years in college housing with cinder block walls and no furniture. At that time, our couch was a hand-me-down sofa from my husband’s grandparents, and our kitchen table had rolling chairs from the 60s. During those days, our coffee table would’ve been plywood on top of cinderblocks, or a five-gallon bucket with a text book on top.

DIY coffee tables have come a long way since then, and now some of the most beautiful tables are nothing more than a weekend project and a trip to the hardware store!

    Ok to be honest, I did not believe this was a homemade table when I first looked at it. But alas, Shanty 2 Chic pulls out one of the most beautiful DIY coffee tables I’ve seen anywhere, absolute perfection.table-1

Shanty to Chic

    Can you believe this was a table from Ikea? All she did was add the wood boards on top for a farmhouse look, how simple! dont-use-table-2

The Creative Mom.com

    I love this industrial coffee table. It’s a simple design, but the pipes add a little something different. Perfect for a small space.dont-use-table-3

Goods Home Design

    Ana White is one of the most popular websites for DIY plans. This table is so versatile, you could customize it anyway you’d like. Personally, I think I’d do an antique white on the bottom and a walnut stain on top, what do you think?table-4

Ana White

    Oh how we love pallets. This pallet coffee table is a great idea. You get double the surface space in one table!table-5

Love Stitched

    I love a piece of furniture that pulls double duty. This crate table is exactly that. The crates pull out for additional storage, and that smooth stained table top is absolutely beautiful.table-6

Her Tool Belt

    Got scrap wood? What a stunning herringbone display made into a coffee table top. It’s modern, artsy, and farmhouse-esque all in one. Beautiful work!dont-use-table-7

The Merry Thought

    How about a shadow box table? I love this idea because you can display things “on” your table without your kids toppling it over or putting it on the floor.dont-use-table-8Guide Patterns

    Ok, wipe the drool off your keyboard and check out those pedestal coffee table from the Rugged Rooster. It is absolutely stunning, and completely doable.


The Rugged Rooster

 I love the white wash finish of this table by Simplicity in the South. It’s taller than most coffee tables, but I like that it has enough space to store large baskets underneath.table-10Hometalk

  The last of our DIY coffee tables is my personal favorite.  The design of this table is classic farmhouse. The paint on the bottom is a nice dark greige and that stain on top Is absolutely beautiful!


Blesser House