Halloween is a great time of year when friends and family get together for a little bit of trick-or-treating fun.  If you are hosting an upcoming Halloween party for your little crew, then this is just the place to discover some fun and creative outdoor games.

 These Halloween games are sure to excite the little witches and wizards with some lighthearted Halloween amusement.

      Eyeball Races: We are all familiar with the traditional egg on a spoon race, but how about giving it a little seasonal spook by replacing the eggs with some plastic eyeballs!  This is a great party game because it can be played individually or as teams.

      Create-A-Scarecrow contestThis festive event is a great way to get lots of people involved in the fun.  Divide up your group into teams and provide them with supplies to build a scarecrow.  After a set amount of time, give awards for the scariest, the goofiest, the most creative, etc.

      Make a Mummy racesWith just some simple rolls of toilet paper you can create this fun little contest.  Divide your group into teams of three players each and give each team some toilet paper.  One of the three players on each team will be the mummy.

 The mummy must stand with their arms straight down as the other two team members attempt to wrap the mummy with the rolls of paper.  The first team to wrap their mummy from top to bottom without any clothes showing wins! Check out these great pictures from www.sixcherriesontop.com at her halloween party!

      Freeze! If you have a whole crew of little friends with lots of Halloween excitement and energy, then this activity may be just what you are looking for.  Queue up some Halloween music like Monster Mash or the Purple People Eater and let the kids dance away, but freeze in a scary pose when you pause the music.

      Halloween Bingo: Create a festive twist on traditional bingo by printing some spooky game cards and giving each player a bag of candy corns as place markers.  This activity is great for a mixed crowd of adults and kids. There are several online printables out there, or you can make your own.

      Tin Can Toss: This game is inspired by the bean bag toss at your local summer carnival.  Simply paint some cans to look like Halloween characters, stack them up in a pyramid, and give the players a couple of beanbags to throw at the pyramid.  Give a little prize to anyone who topples all of the cans in the pyramid.

Specimen guessing:  This is a huge hit with kids 7-12.  They love feeling the gross insides of these jars.  I love this version from landofnod.com because sturdy mason jars are easy to find.  Black paint hides the insides well.  I have switched my insides over the years because my kids will remember that I used.  

Here are some ideas:  

Bat wings: beef jerky, dried apricots, or dried mango

Zombie brain: pasta noodles, cooked oatmeal (that has been cooled- they always miss this one!), or cottage cheese

Rat heart: wet mushrooms, peeled tomato, avocado pit or  peeled peach

Severed witch fingers: cheese sticks,  sweet baby pickles or thick pretzel sticks

Plucked eyes: peeled grapes, olives, cherry tomatoes, or whoppers.  

For a preschool aged game, unwrap common candies like starburst, smarties, dum dums, and have them guess what candy in each jar.  They are more comfortable when they know it is candy in the jars.  

Donut eating contest: It’s Halloween right?  This classic is everyone’s favorite.  

Pumpkin golf is a great outdoor activity to get the kids moving.  Golf supplies are often found at dollar stores.  

Classic games like pin the spider on the web are great fun.  Download a web image and enlarge it at a copy store.  Spiders will last longer if they are laminated before playing.  


Spider races are a fine motor skill game where children race to blow their spider across the finish line in time!  Use large bubble straws to prevent your racers getting short on breath.  


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