I am always doing four things at once. I know that multitasking has been proven to be inefficient, I know that I should focus on one thing at a time, but I can’t. I’ve tried. Ain’t going to happen. I never just sit and watch TV, I am either eating or crafting or working. I can’t just enjoy a movie with my husband, I am also planning menus or making a to do list, or perusing the latest on Pinterest.  

Every time I sit down, I usually have my laptop, my planner, a drink and usually a snack somewhere nearby. This makes side tables an essential part of my world. Here are a few of my favorites.

    Can you believe that this side table is handmade from one piece of lumber? What a beautiful design that is perfect for a side chair.side-table-1

Lumber table

    This curvy option is adorable, and I love that they chose to paint it a bright color. Side tables are a great way to introduce color into the room and this blue is bright and cheerful.side-table-2

Curvy Side Table

    What a great idea to use a clock face for a table top! I love this idea for a bedroom or main living area.side-table-3

Clock Face Table

    Gotta stump? This end table is perfect because it doubles as extra seatings when you have guests.side-table-4

Little Umbrella Table

    What a great way to use old crates. I love that this side table idea also provides storage underneath.side-table-5

Crate Table

    This DIY side table uses an old piece of luggage as the top. It looks beautiful and modern. A sheet of glass on top would provide a sturdy surface while protecting the condition of the suitcase.side-table-6

Luggage Table

    How cool is this vintage barrel for a side table? It’s a little taller than your average end table, but I love it.side-table-7

Barrel Table

    This coiled side table is a popular Pottery Barn item that has been knocked off to provide a stable and stylish end table.side-table-8

Coiled Side Table

    No room for a side table? No problem, a shelf will do the trick with a basket underneath.side-table-9

Shelf Table

 Can you believe this side table is actually a bird bath with glass on top? What a beautiful way to display your treasures!side-table-10

Bird Bath Table

 We’ve all seen those cheap TV trays, but have you seen them transformed like this?side-table-11

TV Tray Table