11 Spring Chalkboard Art Ideas

I absolutely love chalkboard art, it is such an easy and fun way to update for any season and it… Read more »

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I absolutely love chalkboard art, it is such an easy and fun way to update for any season and it is a fun, creative outlet for me that can be very relaxing at the end of a long day. Chalkboard art doesn’t have to be large, elaborate, or complicated. A simple quote can make a cute addition to a side table, or gallery wall.

If you don’t have a chalkboard in your home, you can easily make one by using chalkboard paint on metal, wood, or glass. Once you have your board ready, try out some of these beautiful springtime chalkboard art ideas. If you are new to chalkboard art learn some tips to make them look as good as the pinterest images here: Easy Cheats to get a Professional Chalkboard Look

    This is one of the more complicated ideas, but I love it so much I am eager to try it. Of course, you could simplify this a little if that giant ampersand (the “and” sign) is too intimidating, but I love the colors and the fun lemons around the circle. Take your time and use Q-tips to clean up tiny mistakes along the way.


    This is a much simpler idea, and you could easily add some color in if you’d like. I also love that this style has a border. Making a border is an easy way to give your chalkboard art a more finished look.


    I love the pop of color on this chalkboard art idea! Create the flowers by using a simple shape and repeating it. These beauties are just a simple teardrop shape that combine to make a seemingly complicated print more feasible.


    I don’t know about you, but winters around here can get gloomy and grey. Once springtime comes, I am ready for some sunshine! Welcome the sun into your home with this simple and beautiful chalkboard sign.


    If pictures aren’t really your thing, you can keep your chalkboard simple with just text. I love this quote, and using two fonts to emphasize different phrasing is a great way to make simple text look picturesque.


    This is a beautiful print for spring and Easter season. I love the pop of color and the beautiful lettering. Such a great reminder to keep in your home.


    I love living in an area with four distinct seasons because you’re always ready for something new. The best thing about spring is all of the newness in the air. I love new blooms, new birds, and new seasons, this chalkboard art is perfect for embracing the newness of spring.


Chalkboard doesn’t have to have an image to be beautiful.  A quote or a scripture can be just as beautiful.  


  Any image with raindrops is beautiful to me.  Embrace the spring weather with these song lyrics.

I love to use chalkboard art as a way of reminding myself and family of the positive outlook.  This chalkboard art does just that.  Spring has beautiful days,and stormy gray days.  Remember to look at the bright side of things with this quote.

This bike if full of life and energy, and of course I love the saying.  To achieve this print off a bike image off google clipart.  Then follow my tracing tips in this article: Beautiful Christmas Chalkboard Inspiration with How to Tips 

Enjoy the ride!  

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