I never pass up an old door project, never. I think doors always have an amazing story to tell. What was it used for? Where did it lead? Recycled door projects are taking over Pinterest, but when you have a door that means something, it makes these projects even more amazing.

Whether it’s the door to your childhood bedroom, your first home, or your grandparents cottage, take those memories with you and create something beautiful.

    Did you know these awesome units have a name? They are called hall trees. Yes, it’s a real thing. Doors make an excellent foundation for a hall tree.door-1

    I love porch swings, and I love old doors. This is a winning combination in my eyes.door-2

    Sliding barn doors to close off open spaces in your home is a beautifully rustic addition, and made significantly cheaper if you already have old doors. doors-3 Laura Trevey

    How beautiful are these frames made from old doors? You get 18 frames in one, almost like a ready made gallery wall. I love that it also functions as a shelf and a coat hanger. doors-4HomeTalk

    This old door was cut in half and made into a beautiful bookshelf. It is functional for a small space but still holds the integrity of the door details.doors-5Indulgy

    Need a coffee table? Use a door! Add legs and you’re done – it literally doesn’t get easier than that. doors-6How to Build it

    Go bigger with a dining table made from an old door. I love this idea, especially as a way to preserve a piece of family history.  doors-7

    If you have a pool house, old doors make a great organizer for towels and suits.doors-8A Turtles Life Form

    I love that they kept the hardware on this door when they turned it into a corner shelf. What a beautiful accent to any room!doors-9Craftaholic

 Doors make a beautiful headboard for a bedroom or guest room. A little crown molding on the top and no one will ever know that it was once a front door.doors-10Infarrantly Creative

 Flat panel doors make a great surface for wall art, like this clock idea from Bargain Hoot. doors-11 Bargain Hoot

 The natural panels in most doors provide the perfect surface for organizing family life by simply adding a chalkboard surface. doors-12 Laura Trevey

Whether it’s from an antique sale, a family property, or the side of the road, never pass up an opportunity to give an old door new life.  Good luck on your recycled door projects, please post pictures of your own if you tackle any of these projects!