Between the Etsy-worthy invitations, custom cake three-tiers high, and themed food buffets with cleverly labeled food, birthday parties are getting harder to keep up with. Oh, and don’t forget the presents.

More often than not, it seems the budget is blown well before the party even begins. And what happens to all that effort when the party is over? Yup, in the trash. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on expensive party décor that will end up in a landfill. Instead, get a little creative with the one material that is readily available, inexpensive, and recyclable: paper!

This cute bunting is made of simple crepe paper, cut into strips, and taped on string. Simple, darling, and affordable. Make it match any theme under the sun for less than $5.

party decor

No time? No problem. Gather up whatever crepe paper you can find and make multicolor streamers by adhering them to rings or embroidery hoops. It doesn’t get more simple than that.  

crepe paper decor

We all love tissue paper pompoms, but they don’t have to be hung from the ceiling, they also make create place settings or table centerpieces.  

This darling photo backdrop was made with only paper table cloths and some colored paper scraps on a string for the banner. It’s simple, easy, and completely adorable. 

easy party decor

Under the sea event? This darling octopus us a paper lantern and crepe paper combined to be the perfect guest for a mermaid or pirate party. 

easy party decorations

Paper lanterns can be easily transformed into nearly any favorite cartoon character. A few basic shapes of construction paper on the right color lanterns creates character décor that is cheaper than anything you’ll find at the party store.

kids birthday decor simple lanterns

Use cardboard boxes and crepe paper to make oversized letters. Spell out a name, monogram, theme word, age, or year. The possibilities are literally endless.  You can even transform them into pinatas! paper diy decor

A little tissue paper makes darling cupcake toppers.  

cupcake toppers simple and easy

These beautiful flower crowns can be a party activity, décor, and party favor all in one. That’s a lot of responsibility for one flower, but they are up for the challenge.

paper crown, moana party

Set aside the boring streamers you’ve seen a million times and spend a little more time to make a fringe streamer that packs a punch.

ruffled streamers for birthday parties

Can you believe that this backdrop is made of just a bunch of paper plates? No cutting, pasting, gluing or crafting, just the perfect paper plates arranged beautifully on the wall. 

Paper accordion pinwheels are one of the oldest and best party decorations in the book. It’s for good reason. They are versatile, easy, and affordable.

paper fans diy

Check out these great paper birthday decorations! Simple and easy ways to decorate for a party without breaking the budget!