Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that farmhouse kitchens are all the rage.

The farmhouse style is everything a kitchen should be – functional and beautiful. The kitchen is the central hub of your house. It serves several functions (only one of which is actual eating).

Because it’s a space where everyone wants to be, it needs to serve your family well. As the most valuable real estate in your home, it’s the best place to consider small upgrades that make a big difference. Whether you love modern farmhouse, vintage antique, colorful country or monotone chic, here are 14 farmhouse kitchens to die for:

This home is a beautiful combination of modern and farmhouse. If you happen to be living (or married) to someone who loves a more modern look, this is the kitchen for you. Sleek subway tile, glossy quartz countertops, and streamlined hardware are modern elements combine with a rustic wood flooring, barn wood style cabinets and beautiful farmhouse windows.

Farmhouse kitchen I love a giant farmhouse sink as much as the next person, but once I saw these two identical sinks my mind was blown. I love the symmetry, the cabinet style, and the clean, crisp, white.  

farmhouse kitchen white True farmhouses were put together with a piece here and a piece there. Actual farms didn’t have professionally designed kitchens. That’s why I love this look. Its separate pieces put together to create a beautiful yet personal setting.

kitchen ideas for home decor


Of course exposed wood is a huge farmhouse element, but I also love these dining room cabinets that allow for beautiful décor and storage.

farmhouse look for kitchen


You don’t have to have a custom home to create a beautiful farmhouse look. This is a farmhouse makeover from a more “typical” kitchen. Beautiful white cabinets, upgraded hardware, and sleek 


Open shelving? Check. Matte black paint? Check. Subway tile? Check. The list of perfection goes on and on, but the point is we are loving this kitchen.

farm kitchen look Oh my goodness, this makes me want to go replace my pantry door. Like right now.

farmhouse home decor There are several parts of this farmhouse makeover that make it special. The cage lighting is beautiful. The reclaimed wood on the island makes a great touch. The stools are the perfect addition. All the small elements come together for a beautiful look.

www.blesserhouse.com No farmhouse kitchen is complete without a giant framed chalkboard with a delicious menu.

kitchen chalkboard According to Pinterest, this is the kitchen in the Dream Home of 2018. It’s pretty easy to see why. Those wood floors make me swoon. The beautiful two-toned cabinets, dark countertops, and don’t even get me started!

farmhouse flooring

If you have space and the budget, this wood wall is an absolutely stunning addition to any farmhouse kitchen.

kitchen farmhouse This photo shows just one corner of this amazing kitchen. The subtle two-tones cabinets is absolutely stunning. I love the light green against that completely gorgeous brick wall. You might want to wipe the drool off your keyboard.

brick farmhouse

No island? No problem. You can use an old dresser instead. This idea is pure genius and brings the farmhouse into any kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen island