13 Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween seems to be the perfect time of year for lots of over the top decorations and festivities.  From jack-o-lanterns… Read more »

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Halloween seems to be the perfect time of year for lots of over the top decorations and festivities.  From jack-o-lanterns to bats to witches to skeletons to scarecrows and everything in between, Halloween DIY décor ideas are a great way to bring out your inner kid this October 31st.

spider sac decor halloween

      Spiders give everyone the creeps and this DIY decoration is no exception!


Halloween bat decor

      If you have some open wall space, you should consider creating a group of bats taking flight


lighted ghost outdoor decor

      Now that the summer harvest is over why not use those empty tomato cages to create these friendly little ghosts


crawling spider decor Halloween

      Back to those creepy crawly spiders, if you have a metal front door this is a great way to spook your family and friends


outside syran wrap ghost decor

      If you want to make people take a second look at you Halloween décor because they can’t believe what their eyes are telling them, then you have to create a fantastic DIY ghost for your yard!


floating candle decor

      If you have any Harry, Ron, and Hermoine fans then you must create this stunning ‘night sky’ with these DIY floating candles


rats on stairs decor Halloween

      Maybe some sneaky little mice are more your thing for a little Halloween fright!


pumpkin black cat decor

      Everybody knows that black cats bring bad luck so how about adding a few of these to your Halloween inspired front stoop


floating witch hat decor

      Take your seasonal décor to new heights with these fantastic floating witch hats!


can luminaries Halloween

  For a subtler touch to some Halloween charm these great tin can luminaries are sure to be just the thing you are looking for


flying bats outside

  Garage doors make a great canvas for easy DIY Halloween decorations


monster house decor Halloween

  Great holiday decoration don’t have to be complicated to be a little spooky!


outdoor tree Halloween decor

  Finally, if you have a few large trees in your yard bring them to life by adding just a couple of oversized googly eyes.  Paint them with glow in the dark paint to make them spooky at night too!


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