Put a cork in it! No, really.  Decorating trends for the coming year are going back to warmer colors and textures and cork is making a stylish comeback.  This is not your 70s cork board, cork, but cork is being used on all types of surfaces to soften the look and enliven a mixed medium home.  

Here are some fun ways to incorporate cork decor in your home from a simple accessory or going full-wall.

You need no further proof of the cork trend than this IKEA collection, featuring a cork stool and bench.  The warmer color of cork enhances the metals we’ve been loving and plays well with greenery, bringing more life to any room.cork-1

Cork Stool and Bench

If you want to nudge your way into the cork trend, you might try this simple DIY ball made with wine corks.  It’s easy to make and you may already have plenty of wine corks on hand.  If not, enjoy collecting them!cork-2

DIY Cork Ball

 Another easy and modest foray into the cork trend is to replace outdated furniture hardware with wine corks.  These champagne corks really update this simple set of drawers.cork-3

Cork Knobs

 If you do want to integrate a more traditional cork board into your decor, use an trendy style like marquee letters, chevron strips, or geometric shapes.  cork-4

Corked Wall

 I love the look of the cork done in this herringbone style.  It warms the room and is reminiscent of brick. Simply framed, this makes a practical wall that works for you, too.  cork-5

Hometalk Cork

My teenage brothers and I shamelessly ruined the wall around our dart board with our miss-aims.  When my kids get older, I’m totally making this cork board surround system.  Looks cool and I won’t have darts hanging off the wall.cork-6

Dart Cork Wall

 Is there any better backsplash for a bar or butler’s pantry? I think not.  I love how these corks really bring that “wow” factor to the space.  


Cork Wall

Have an old coffee table that has an old glass top or one that is just kinda boring? Fit it with a new cork top.  Now, this takes a lot of wine corks, so you might enlist the help of your friend or office coworkers, or check with nearby restauranteurs to see if they’ll save them for you.  Be sure to invite them over when you’re done to show off your new table.cork-8

Cork Top Table

I love the look of this bistro table with wine corks and glass on a wrought iron frame.  Against the rock wall, it just brings all the elements together in such an inviting way.cork-9

Cork Bistro Table

What a great way to use cork, provide a useable memo station, and creatively use a small space in a kitchen.  I love it!


 If you’re loving the style and functionality of cork, go full-wall.  Really, it’s just a giant bulletin board with all kinds of panache. Perfect for an office, family room or kitchen accent wall.  cork-11

 Cork flooring has been around for decades and has enjoyed some popularity, but is surging back into custom design big time these days.  This sustainable choice is shock-absorbent and easy to stand on for long periods, making it a kitchen favorite.  Houzz tells us the cork also has “serious green cred.”cork-12

 Choose cork flooring in planks or tiles with a variety of finishes to fit your tastes.  It takes a little maintenance but if cared for, is durable and bounces back from dings.  cork-13