I was once asked to decorate 18 tables for $15. True Story. Allow me to explain. Our church puts on a large holiday party each year for the entire congregation and their families which usually ends up being about 200 people.  Our church is created entirely of volunteers and so the budget was small.  Most of the budget was used for the food and so when the bishop gave me my measly $15 to decorate 18 tables and an entire gymnasium, I knew it was time to get creative.

It turned out to be a fabulous event thanks to lots of volunteers and a few donations. Since then, I always have my eye out for beautiful, inexpensive, and stunning Christmas table centerpieces. Here are a few I’ve found recently that I can’t stop looking at.

    This centerpiece reminds me of Julie Andrews and her “brown paper packages tied up with string”. I love the brown bags decorated with simple white paint and filled with small branches. Most Christmas lots are willing to let you have the branches that fall off their trees as long as you’re willing to pick them up. That’s a win win!  gift Christmas decor table


Photo courtesy of livediyideas.com


    This one is very similar to what I ended up doing for my party. I wrapped up old cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and other things I had lying around the house. Put them on pedestals and know one will ever know they are sitting around a box of tissues.

joyful Christmas table decor

Photo Courtesy of weddingchicks.com


    I love Christmas candy because it is so festive! Honestly, what other time of the year do you get candy that is so cute? Ok, Easter, I know. Simple glass jars, a few wooden letters and candy, you’re all done!

candy decor Christmas

Photo Courtesy of bhg.com


    Who says a centerpiece has to actually be on the table? I love the idea of hanging ornaments from the lighting fixture, it is elegant and beautiful and leaves more space on the table.

Christmas ornament decor

Photo Courtesy of decoholic.org


  Natural Greenery not only smells heavenly but looks so elegant.  Add silver of Gold accents to enhance the look and add different textures.  A candle stick, cake platter or vase does well to hold this centerpiece in place.

Christmas decor table

    This fancy idea is nothing more than a  glass jar, water, ornaments, and floating lights, but what an impact it makes. You could switch is up with ornaments of all different colors to match your personal preference or theme.  All supplies are sold at a dollar store near you!

Christmas decor candles

Photo Courtsey of infobarrel.com


    I love this idea because it’s a great one for kids to help with. These simple paper trees from Midwest living are modern and simple and bring a beautiful look to the table and it’s just one piece of paper rolled into a tree shape.

Christmas tree decor DIY

Photo Courtsey of midwestliving.com


    A few empty bowls, a vase, and some ornaments. It literally doesn’t get easier than this. I love dollar store ornaments for décor because they are generally a flexible plastic that won’t break easily.

Christmas ornament decor

Photo Courtesy of vanessachristsenson.com


    What a beautiful idea to incorporate oranges into your décor. This is a simple idea that looks much more intricate than it is.

Christmas orange decor

Photo Courtsey of midwestliving.com


 Add a little mood lighting to your centerpiece by incorporating battery powered light strands. I love the pinecones for a more rustic, farmhouse look that is absolutely breathtaking.

Christmas lights decor

Photo Courtesy of brookstone.com


Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simple White roses with holly berries makes a beautifully simple statement.  These flowers are so popular most grocery stores sell them this time of year.

Christmas centerpiece

White is in! Grab any decorations you have that are white, or buy some dollar store items and spray paint them white.  Reindeer, snowmen, christmas trees, mittens, anything white will do great with a few white Christmas trees as your centerpiece anchor. Of course candles are a must on this one as it makes the white even more beautiful.

white Christmas decor

Tall thin trees are the rage at all hobby stores.  The reason is they add height to any decorations and work anywhere.  These trees would be beautiful on a mantel piece, on the floor next to the fireplace, a window sill, entry table, and of course your centerpiece this year.  If stored properly these will last decades.  If you purchase them online such as amazon, save your shipping supplies for easy storage.  

Christmas tree decor

A religious centerpiece is beautiful on its own.  Add a few twinkle lights and candles near it to represent the stars of the sky.  If you have little hands nearby an upside down hurricane vase works well for a snow globe effect.  

Christmas centerpiece candles


Christmas centerpiece