14 Best Pinterest Christmas Gifts in a Jars

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What do you get the person on your list that is impossible to shop for? Take a deep breath guys, I’m here to help. Gifts in a jar are for everybody – seriously.

There is something for everyone, and because they are put together in a darling jar, it makes it look like you spent hours. Gifts in a jar are my go-to option for girlfriends, coworkers, neighbors, and grandparents. They are easy to customize and simple to deliver.

Here’s some of the best Pinterest Christmas gifts in a jar ideas this year.

    Ok, I know this is overly simple – but how much cute are these oranges in a jar? So much better than delivering a bag of Halos, right? For less than $10, you can deliver a darling neighbor gift that I would love to receive.  jar-1               One Good Thing

    A baking jar is great for grandparents or mom friends who might be too tired to make their own Christmas cookies this year. Do all the work for them and give them everything they need to make fun memories with the kids in their life.jar-2One Good Thing

    For the artist, a jar full of pencils is such a fun idea! I also love hot they made a custom jar that keeps all the pencils upright. This is great for a child artist, teenager, or adult who loves the big kid coloring books.  Make sure to get a good quality pencil like prismacolor.  I just bought a set for my son, at 75% off on amazon!  Here is the link for you: Prismacolor Premier set of 72 don’t you love online shopping?  I do!jar-3

The Gunny Sack

    For someone who you wish you were spending Christmas with, send them a blue Christmas in a jar. What a sweet way to show them that you are thinking of them.jar-4

The Gunny Sack

    Christmas in a jar is a great idea for coworkers because it brings the scent of Christmas into the office, that’s a win win! It is a unique and thoughtful gift that is simple to put together and looks absolutely beautiful.jar-5

Nest of Posies

    Help someone distress this season with a detox bath in a jar. The recipe is a simple combination of Epsom salt, ginger, baking soda, and lavender that can offer numerous health benefits by pulling toxins out of the body.My Crazy Blessed Life     Ok I love this idea – who doesn’t want just the marshmallows? This would be the greatest Christmas gift ever. There are actually websites where you can order only marshmallows, or you can just dig them out of the box yourself and pour them into a jar for Christmas morning!jar-6

    The spa in a jar is a great idea for girlfriends. Everything they need for a little self-pampering after the kiddos are in bed.jar-8

    At first it looks like a sweet jar of M&Ms, but it reveals a surprise upon opening. What a cute way to give a little extra cash this season!jar-9  Mom’s Lounge

 This idea is definitely going on out to-do list this season, gingerbread playdoh! How cute is this? I love that it’s something that kids already now and love with a Christmas twist!jar-10  Sweet Sugar Belle

 Movie lovers unite! Winter evenings call for a good movie and a cozy blanket, so help your friends and family create a relaxing evening of their own with a movie night gift in a jar!


Yesterday on Tuesday

 I love this coffee lovers jar because it’s completely practical and still darling. Simply add a few coffee essentials and leave it for someone who will appreciate the morning pick-me-up this season.jar-12

 This jar is a keep warm kit with everything you need to stay cozy during the cold winter months including gloves, hot cocoa, a hat, and a few snacks.jar-13 Thirty Handmade Days

 This is another one of my favorite jar for kids, a make a sock puppet kit! What a fun activity that can keep kids occupied during the holiday break. The best part is, she didn’t even have to make the kit – it’s a store bought sock puppet kit wrapped up in a cute jar. Literally doesn’t get any easier than that!


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