My husband and I have very different opinions about couples Halloween costumes. For me, they are a fun way to dress up, show off our personalities, and enjoy a night of alter-egos. For him, it’s pretty much next to waterboarding. The key to a successful couple’s costume is finding something you can both be happy with.

For starters, my husband is never going to wear a cartoon costume, or dress up as any type of food item. In my opinion, any couples costume for adults should be comfortable to wear, easy to put together, and still make it possible for both of you to look your best. Here are several options that fit the bill.

This one is a classic, who doesn’t know and love grease? OK, so my husband definitely doesn’t love the movie, but John Travolta isn’t too shabby and all black couldn’t be easier.


Want something unique? Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will recognize and appreciate squints and his lifeguard love.


Jim and Pam might just be America’s favorite television couple. These costumes are a great option for last minute parties because chances are, you have everything you need in your closet already.


This adult twist on little red riding hood definitely took a little time to put together, but what guy doesn’t want to look like wolverine?

The classic American portrait is great for any couple.

You can’t look at Mary Poppins and Bert without smiling. It’s impossible, go ahead and try. See? I told you. This quintessential duo is perfect for Halloween fun.  My husband and I wore this two years ago and it was a huge hit! Amazon will be your saving grace when trying to find a white collarless blouse ladies.  

First of all, I am in love with Morticia’s dress and second, it doesn’t get easier than a black pinstripe tuxedo. The Addams couple is definitely a Halloween must have. 


If you’re ready for something a little more daring, bust out the tights and pick you favorite classic superhero duo.


Oh how I wish I could find that dress. Gone with the Wind is one of my all time favorite movies and I would love to rock those curtains.  If you want a costume you traditionally wear each year, this is it! 


If Disney isn’t really your thing, go for a slightly off-center character like this Lumiere and duster costume from Beauty and the Beast.


Of course, this classic screen couple from Princess Bride will always be a hit. Tell your man he gets to wear a mask and carry a sword and you’re all set.  I am planning on wearing this, this year.  I am so excited! Of course when proposing this to your partner they hopefully will reply, “As you wish.”


Progressive advertising is so well know that it has made the costume list. Mayhem and Flow is one of the easiest costumes to pull off.  A progressive apron, with bright lipstick completes Flow.  Mayhem just needs a trashed work outfit.  My co worker wore this at the office party and won best costume, so fun and easy!

 If I completed this list without Forest Gump and Jenny I am pretty sure I’d be getting a lot of hate mail.  Forest and Jenny is a quick save if you are low on funds or time.  This costume also get the award for most comfortable.  Give Forest a box of chocolate to carry around to finish this costume!

Couple costume don’t have follow a male and female character.  This couple pulled of a perfect Marty McFly and Doc Brown costume.  Everyone will know who you are with this costume.  

If you are really short on time, like your party is in an hour.  Go with this quick save, a Nurse and her patient.  Scrubs can be bought at any walmart, along iwth the mouth covers.  Wrap some bandages around your wounded partner, or have them dress in a tee shirt and pants, and write “Psych ward” on the tee with black marker.

Image result for nurse and patient costume

Head to the thrift store and grab some fabric, this Halloween is going to be one to remember!

Need a Halloween costume ideas that is sure to impress? It is so fun to dress up together as a couple, check out these great ideas that both you and your guy will love!>/div>

Need a Halloween costume ideas that is sure to impress? It is so fun to dress up together as a couple, check out these great ideas that both you and your guy will love!
Halloween is sooner than you think, and this year is going to be great! Check out these perfect couple Halloween costume ideas!