If there was any time in history that children could use a little more love it is now. When I was in grade school, I remember how everyone would show up with their little mailbox and go home with 20-30 notes of appreciation, encouragement, friendship, and love. As an adult, I’m sure that the Valentine I waited for from Daniel was probably made by his mom, and not by the blue-eyed-boy I stared at in the second row, but I still loved receiving them.

Today’s kids are constantly bogged down, stressed out, and bullying is worse than ever. I think Valentines can be a great time infuse a little love into our public schools. If your school doesn’t participate in Valentine’s boxes, make a few to keep at home and allow everyone to fill the boxes with love notes for one another. What a great way to strengthen your home and family! Here are a few ideas for valentine boxes you can make together with your kids to kick off the season of love!

    I love this robot valentine made from a tissue box. You could switch out the colors and make it for a boy or a girl. I’d love to see a little family of robots in my home!

Robot Box

    This is a great idea kids can do themselves from a oatmeal container. Simply cover the container in paper and let the kids go to town with stickers.

Sticker Container

    My daughter recently learned this infamous tissue paper technique in Kindergarten and she LOVES Alice in Wonderland. This box is right up her alley!

Cat Mailbox

    When I first saw this alligator box, I thought it looked a little over-the-top, but what a great way to create a box you can use all year long for giving kids words of encouragement, affirmation, and praise.

Gator Box

    These Lego boxes are a great way to create simple boxes for both boys and girls.  Shoe boxes and milk carton lids make this box easy! Everyone can pick their own color and your job is done.

Lego Boxes

    What a darling monster box from Simply Kierste. I love the big eyeballs. Such a cute idea from a shoebox. You can finish off the decoration with stickers or stamps.

Monster Box

    I love that this idea uses a bag because sometimes boxes can be big and bulky when you try to put them in a backpack. This little guy folds right up for easy portability.

Heart Bags

    I love this mom’s take on “love buckets.” Red for boys, pink for girls, and a simple way to celebrate Valentine’s day by filling up every bucket with a little bit of love.

LOVE Buckets

    OK. This mom gets an A+ in my book. What a genius idea to use a dishwasher pod box repurposed for Valentines day. It’s sturdy, easy to transform, and even has a closable lid!

 For the tweens or those who may think they are too cool for a Valentine’s box, this is a great idea. An iPod complete with a playlist and heart earbuds!

Ipod box

 If I were going to make my husband a Valentine’s box this would be it. Hands down. To pull this one off you’d need to have a Darth Vader mask on hand. We have plenty.  

Darth Vader Box

 Have you seen those mini trash cans at the dollar store? Add some vinyl (or just use a Sharpie) and you’re done!

Trash Can Box

 I have to admit, I’ve never considered using a mason jar for Valentine’s Day and now I’m considering all the possibilities. This bumble bee is so cute! The mason jar possibilities are endless.

Bumble Bee Box

 Who doesn’t have a few extra wipes boxes laying around? I know I do. This is a darling way to use a wipes box and transform it into a Valentine’s box that is simple and completely adorable.

Gator Box