14 Helpful Kitchen Organizing Tips

If there is one place in my home that is constantly a disaster, it’s the kitchen. It’s probably because the… Read more »

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If there is one place in my home that is constantly a disaster, it’s the kitchen. It’s probably because the kitchen is Grand Central Station in my house. It seems like there’s always something happening in the kitchen from late night snacks to after school homework, art projects, and Pinterest recipes everywhere in between.

The good news is, although the kitchen is the most used room in your home, it can also be the most functional. Organizing the kitchen must be intentional, and must be based around how you use your space, and what works best for you. We are here to help you get started with 14 helpful kitchen organizing tips!  

Make your space work for you by organizing your drawers with custom dividers. You can find these handy dandy pieces at Home Depot and all it takes is a little glue and maybe some paint and you have custom drawer organizers.

organize kitchen drawer


Get things off the floor or counter as much as possible by creating hidden storage anywhere you can.

under sink garbage sack storage


Avoid stacks and piles of anything. Inevitably, the pot you need is always at the bottom and the drying rack is always buried under muffin tins. Use unique ways to avoid anything being stacked like magazine holders for water bottles, office dividers for baking sheets, or solve it all with a giant pegboard that is beautiful and functional.

under sink cupboard storage idea


 chalkboard pantry door


I also love the idea of creating additional shelves in your cupboard with these removable dividers. Now you have more space without stacking.

kitchen cupboard organized


Pull out drawers are a great way to gain access to your cupboards and one of the most helpful kitchen organizing tips, but if you can’t have them in your home, create your own by using bins instead of just throwing everything you own in the bottom of the cupboard.

 organizing kitchen tips


Hidden storage, extra shelves, and creating more vertical space are all great ways to maximize your kitchen real estate.  Try to avoid putting anything away without purpose and intent.

glove storage idea in kitchen


kitchen cupboard storage


organize spice rack


Cupboards are good for so much more than a bunch of shelves. Look at the doors, back, and walls of your cupboards to maximize storage space.


Keep things off the counter as much as possible. Even moving them up a few inches and putting stuff on the wall instead of the counter just added additional space to your kitchen.


Keep items both organized AND accessible by finding systems like a lazy susan or a plastic hanging organizer to create ways to get to your supplies quick and easy.


The trick to organizing your kitchen is to do what works for you and solve the problems that create clutter. It might take a little trial and error to find what is both functional and beautiful. Organize a space, use it for a few days, and tweak what’s necessary to make sure your house runs like a well-oiled machine.  I hope these helpful kitchen organizing trick and tips will help you and your home. 



Check out these 14 really helpful Kitchen organizing tips to save space and a cleaner kitchen!
Great tips to organize your kitchen!

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