Most home upgrades require two things: time and money. That’s where spray paint comes in. Spray paint can make many home upgrades you’ve been thinking about possible without breaking the budget. Spray paint is inexpensive, easy to use, and absolutely transforms some of the most common household projects into something brand new.

Here are 14 low-budget makeovers you can do with spray paint.

    Shutters: What a beautiful transformation starting from the outside. Changing the shutters can upgrade the entire exterior look of the home.spray-1

    Trash Can: I never thought about spray painting my trash can, but this looks absolutely beautiful!  


    Ceiling Fan: What a fun way to transform a ceiling fan from old and drab wood to a beautiful centerpiece for a child’s room.  spray-3

    Shower Fixtures: Shower fixtures can get old and rusty, and may be expensive to replace. Spray paint makes a major difference in this bathroom.spray-4

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    Outdoor Furniture: If you have outdoor furniture that is weathered and old, spray paint might be the answer. You can paint wicker or metal furniture, and the results are beautiful.  spray-5

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    Upholstery: You can even paint furniture with spray paint. Of course, fabric paint works best to keep the soft nature of the fabric, but what a difference a little color makes.  spray-6

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    Fixtures: Faucets and fixtures are one of the first places to show age in a home. Update your home with a little spray paint to bring a modern look to your fixtures.  spray-7

    Staircase: From orangey oak to classic white, this staircase updates the look of the entire house.  spray-8Photo courtesy of

    Dining Chairs: You can even transform your dining set with a can of spray paint (or several cans). Some people pay hundreds of dollars for a dining set like this!spray-9

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 Toilet Wand: Most of us have a toilet wand, plunger, or scrub brush near the bathroom. This unsightly accessory can be transformed with a little bit of spray paint. This is by far the most elegant Clorox toilet wand I’ve ever seen.  spray-10Photo courtesy of

 Cabinets: We all know that cabinets can completely transform a space, but did you know you can achieve the same look with spray paint?! These cabinets are definitely swoon-worthy.  spray-11

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 Countertops: Who knew you could paint cabinets? I had no idea, but these countertops are completely spray painted and have an absolutely beautiful finish.  spray-12

 Doorknobs: Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Spray painted doorknobs are durable and beautiful.

 Fireplace Doors: Update old fireplace doors and change the entire look of your hearth with “new” fireplace doors.  spray-14

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