Everywhere you look there are AMAZING things being transformed from ordinary pallets. Pallet furniture is the hot new craze because pallets are easy to find, super duper cheap (or even free), and they lend themselves to limitless possibilities.

Here are 15 of the best pallet furniture ideas on the web for every room in (and out) of your house.

    Love this coffee table idea, it works for indoors or outdoors and doubles as extra storage!  pallet-1

Sustainable Door

    Seriously, who knew that you could use pallets to create your own backyard swimming pool? This is an amazing addition to any backyard, but this country location is purely dreamy.pallet-2

Pallet Swimming Pool

    Looking for a quick and easy guest bed? This pallet bed is the perfect solution. It also is a great look for a teenage bedroom, or a studio apartment.pallet-3

Pallet Bed

    Patio furniture can be expensive, but this set of outdoor table and chairs is quick and easy.pallet-4

Pallet DIY Furniture

    Most baby gates are a bit of an eye sore, but this is one of the most darling baby gates I have seen, and you can make it yourself to match the color and style of your home.pallet-5


    This indoor bar is a great addition to any den, basement or man-cave.pallet-6

Smart School House 

    I love this cute coffee mug holder for kitchen décor, and it would make a great gift idea!pallet-7

One Little Bird Blog

    Still searching for the perfect patio furniture? Nailed it! This is a great set, beautiful, comfortable, and completely customizable.pallet-9

The Self Sufficient Living

    This entry table is completely beautiful, and you’d never think that it is made out of pallets.pallet-10

Pallet DIY Furniture

  Save hundreds of dollars by making a bed for your pet.  I couldn’t find the website of this idea to give credit where it is due, but you get the idea of how to make it.  I love ho   


 Who doesn’t love a porch swing? It’s romantic, comfortable, and the perfect place to curl up. This one gives you all the best features of a porch swing without the high price tag.pallet-11

Pallet Furniture DIY

 This pallet nightstand it quick and easy to throw together for last minute guests, or a child’s big kid bedroom. It doesn’t take up much room, and is a beautiful bedroom addition.  pallet-12


 This kitchen table is a beautiful transformation using pallet wood. It gives you the farmhouse look you’re after without the cost of a high end furniture store.pallet-13


 Here’s an idea to put pallets to work for you. Wrangle all those bikes and keep your garage organized with a pallet bike rack.pallet-14


 If I thought I could keep plants alive, this would be the way I’d plant them. Simple, beautiful and much easier than flower beds. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of space so it’s perfect for an apartment patio.pallet-15

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