Wanna know the fastest easiest way to dress up a room with next to no skill or money required? Add a pillow! Seriously, you can change the entire look of your space by cleaning up and adding a few cute pillows. One, two, ten, it doesn’t really matter. I love them all.

Here are some of the best DIY pillow tutorials you can easily make yourself before the day is over!

    Stripey! I love this one because it looks so bright and colorful. Can you imagine using this same technique with holiday fabric? Totally dreamy.pillows-1

Quilting in the Rain

    If ruffles are wrong, I don’t want to be right. I love how a little ruffle texture takes a solid color pillow to a whole new level.pillows-2

Honey Suckle Life

    Ok, if we are being honest, this one looks like it might take longer than an afternoon to pull together, but how beautiful is this cathedral pattern with peek-through yellow print?pillows-3

Al a Mode Fabric 

    This is a great way to add a personal touch to your living space or bedroom. An adorable pillow that can be made to say anything you’d like.pillows-4

Designer Trapped 

    I love this pinwheel pillow because it’s slightly larger than the average pillow, making it perfect to use on the floor for family movie night!pillows-5

Pin Wheel

    Beautiful grid pattern in blue is totally simple to do, but creates a big impact. You can use pre-made pillow covers and use your favorite pop of color.pillows-6

Pretty Designs

    Seriously glam pillow right here, I love the rosettes and I love them even more in this beautiful white fabric. It’s simple, but definitely not plain Jane.pillows-7

  Mama Sews

    This is a great way to add style to a plain pillow. By adding puckers you take a plain case and transform it into something more. It would look great in a bright color too!pillows-8Thrifty and Chic

    This might just be my favorite pillow on the list. It’s classic, simple, and yet oh-so-stylish. A little bit like Saturday morning Kate Spade. Love it!pillow-9

Nautical Bow

 How cute is this little round pillow? Love the color, fabric, and that darling little button in the middle brings everything together perfectly. Save money and make instead of buy,with this DIY pillow tutorial. pillows-10

Melly Sews

 If one button is cute, three or four or five are even better, right? This pillow is simple to make, and darling to display.pillows-11


 If plain buttons isn’t your style, add a little ruffle and create a ruffle button pillow from solid, strips, or any pattern fabric you happen to have on hand. pillows-12Pieced Past Times

 How cute is this macaroon pillow? Even better, it is made out of the softest fabric ever. Perfect way to have your cookie and eat it too.pillows-13Camelot Fabrics

 Got extra sweaters that don’t fit? Repurpose them into the coziest DIY pillow EVER!pillows-14

Life From Julies House

 Pull out those old doilies that you’re never going to use in the kitchen and add them to the living room. Doilies have a quintessential quality that combines vintage nostalgia into farmhouse chic.pillows-15

Beth Studley