He may no longer believe in Santa Claus, but your teenage boy sure doesn’t want to find underwear and new pencils in his stocking.  Here are 15 brilliant stocking stuffers for your teenage boy that will keep him jolly on this holiday.

Of course, everybody loves to find their favorite goodies in their stockings.  Candy, gum, nuts, jerky, etc are a quick way to bring a smile.

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Guys like their buds, their ear buds I mean.  And who couldn’t get cookin’ with these bacon and eggs buds.



All teen love to find a little help for their music, games and video downloads.  iTunes gift cards are sure to be a #1 hit

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Teens make up a huge portion of all moviegoers.  Whether for dates or friends, movie theater gift cards are a welcome gift.

movie gift card



Help him stay warm with gloves with touchscreen compatible fingertips (because they have to keep their hands on the screens), reflective detailing for greater visibility and a built-in nose wipe.  Um, yuck?  

gloves with touchpad



Beanies have snuggled teens’ heads for years and don’t appear to be going anywhere.  A new beanie is a great stuffer.  




Handy guys will enjoy getting a Multi Tool, making pliers, a knife, saw, screwdrivers, bottle opener, and more at his fingertips.  

multi tool

Teens are renowned for losing the phones.  For these kids, an iKeep lanyard is a perfect solution.  It attaches iPhones and iPads to belts, backpacks, gym bags, etc. so he won’t lose or drop his phone again. The retractable cord makes access easy.



Any teen will get a kick out of a new, funky key chain.  My son used to collect them.

lego key chain


Drivers will love a variety of car accessories such as air fresheners, steering wheel covers, or what about this cool gadget holder? I hope Santa leaves me one of these, too!

car accessories

Teens need flash drives for personal and school use these days.  Why not have fun with them and get one that will make him laugh every time he plugs in..




Mommas always take care of their boys, no matter how old.  Make sure his lips have balm and sunscreen.  He’ll appreciate it one day.  

lip balm


Teens are always on the go and a sturdy, insulated water bottle is a great gift that he can use while he’s on the court or the course.  

water bottle



He’ll appreciate the convenience of having phone charger cables everywhere — in the car, near his bed, at his desk, at school.  

charger cables


Teens and tech gadgets go together and this headphone splitter will allow him to share his music or videos with two of his buddies.

_ don't use headphone splitter



Wanna “wow” gift?  Give him a water-resistant, hands-free bluetooth speaker.  That’s some awesome sauce!