I have a love/hate relationship with classroom valentines.

I love that the kids give a valentine to everyone, I love how much kindness is shared that day, and I love the look on my kids face when they see all the handwritten valentines from their friends.

However, I hate when sweet but simple valentines from hard working 7-year-olds are overshadowed by an over-the-top-magazine-worthy Valentine that someone’s mother spent all night working on.

I encourage my kids to pick and sign their own valentines, writing out the name of each person in their class on their own. That’s what Valentines is about, showing someone you care. These 15 classroom Valentines ideas are some of my favorite options that make creating valentines easy. So easy in fact, that kids can do most of them all by themselves.

1.     These super simple Star Wars valentines are adorable. Print the off at home and finish with a pixie stick tied to the front. It doesn’t get easier than that!

2.     This happens to be the Valentine my daughter chose this year. She loves glows sticks and she is so excited to pick out the favorite colors of all her classmates.

3.     If you have a lot of valentines to make, this is a great idea. It’s easy to print at home and they are small so they don’t even use up a lot of paper. Tape one candy to the front and add a nice note to the back. Done!

valentine for kids

4.     Sometimes little boys get squirmy at the idea of Valentines, but when I told my son we could pick out cars for his friends, he immediately got on board. Best of all, we found super cheap cars at the dollar store. Score!

dollar store valentines

5.     This is a darling idea, especially if you have to bring dessert for the classroom party. Kids can help cut and glue little minion eyes together and you’re ready to go!

minion valentines

6.     Have you seen these darling glasses around lately? They are everywhere and so adorable, cut out a simple printable and add your favorite color of heart glasses!

7.     This is a cute printable for ring pops, which are always a classic favorite. It can also help with practicing your child’s tying skills (or you can always just staple instead).

8.     I love this Olaf valentine! He is such a loveable creature and a bag full of hugs is the perfect Valentine treat.

9.     Who says you have to give candy for Valentines, I love this idea of cereal because my kids eat cereal like there’s no tomorrow. They eat it anytime, anywhere and would love this snack. This is a welcome addition to the Valentine line-up.

10.  A love a mini slinky, probably because they remind me of my childhood and look how cute they hook onto the edges of this printable card. I love this idea!

11.  Airplanes are another great way to get boys on board with Valentines. Of course, you could probably find airplanes that aren’t covered in pink hearts, but aren’t these darling?

12.  This is also one of my favorite “non-candy” Valentines. My kids LOVE crazy straws, and it turns out you can get several dozen for just a couple of dollars. Much cheaper than the typical boxed valentines full of stale candy.

homemade valentines

13.  This is probably the most time-intensive Valentine on my list, but I still included it because they are just so darn cute. I admit, it might take some skill to line up those photos perfectly, but they are seriously awesome.

photo valentine idea

14.  If you have a kid who is really into arts and crafts, bust out the paper stash and let them go to town creating cupid arrows. Such a darling idea and easy to personalize with different colors and flavors.

class valentine ideas

15.  If your house looks like mine you probably have Lego’s in every nook and cranny you can find. Put them to good use! Include a few in a bag and give the kids something can actually play with while they overdose on conversation hearts.

boy valentine ideas