Looking to transform your home into a rustic retreat? With a nod to the past, but firmly planted in the present, a rustic farmhouse-style home design offers a trendy way to achieve a timeless setting.

With a little creativity, it’s simple to add charming accents to your space to create a farmhouse-inspired rustic home. Rustic style is all about simplicity, imperfection, and comfort. All it takes is a few unique pieces and you can find or create to give your space a whole new feel.

Rustic farmhouse style doesn’t mean your home has to look like everyone else’s. Despite having common characteristics—like the use of neutral colors and organic materials—today’s farmhouse style incorporates modern updates and customizable accents, making it an appealing option for all types of homeowners.

If your living room is in need of revamping, or your kitchen needs a sprucing, maybe a little galvanized steel here or barn doors there we’ve got you covered.

Get the Look

A classic farmhouse style is all about comfort. Furniture should invite you to sit down, nothing is too delicate to touch. It’s all about soft textures and fluffy pillows. It’s inviting and comfortable without being too stuffy or sophisticated.

Start with a color palette of warm or cool neutrals. You can choose to go to a warm crème and beige route or lean more towards a cool sage and grey, either one works great.

Add in additional texture like natural woods and metal wherever possible. Scratches? No problem. Knots and nicks? Even better. These characteristics add charm and authenticity to your rustic look. Because you want to keep your colors neutral, texture becomes very important so mix and match neutral colors with a variety of textures.

Use organic materials in order to keep the space feeling as though it’s connected to the outdoors while keeping with the textures you’ve already introduced. Things like wood floors, stone accent, or wicker materials add beautiful depth to a rustic space.

Keep accessories to a minimum. They are important, but don’t overdo it. Start with the things you absolutely love and only add accessories where necessary.

This photo below is en example of taking the style too far. It went from beautiful and simple, to too much of a good thing. No matter how much you love frames, twenty-four frames in a corner isn’t going to look good.

A house doesn’t have to be historic or old to embrace the rustic style. Brand new homes with beamed ceilings, paned windows, or large stone fireplaces give you all the classics of a rustic retreat.

gray family room with large windows

Joanna Gaines brought shiplap to the motherland and we are forever indebted to her. Shiplap paneling is one of the easiest ways to bring a classic farmhouse style into new homes. choose boards that have nicks and scrapes, as they give a more rustic vibe.

Part of what makes a rustic style so appealing is the comfort that comes from pieces of history. Take time to find creative ways to incorporate antique embellishments like distressed furniture, traditional farm chairs, and chicken wire cabinets. Sometimes the best places to find these types of accessories are estate sales and flea markets.

Just because you’re going rustic doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury. Play up the décor to create a room that is both comfortable and intentional with elegant accents for up leveling the sophistication.

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