Although I truly love Valentine’s day, I do not love the chalk-like heart candies that have become synonymous with this holiday. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Easter has the best candy offerings of any holiday.

Valentine’s sometimes struggles in this department. Don’t even get me started on those giant boxes of wax-covered excuses for chocolate. Seriously, it’s bad. That’s why I always try to look for unique Valentine treats that are both delicious and adorable to add a little variety into the sugared sea of traditional Valentine offerings.

    Cutie’s are perfect for valentines. They are small, delicious, inexpensive, and their name is CUTIE. How much better does it get?

Cutie Treats

    Hershey kisses are a quintessential Valentine treat. But what makes them even better? Googly eyes! If they have almonds in the middle I will be yours forever.

Eyes for You

    How cute are these super hero suckers. You can never go wrong with a Tootsie Pop and once you add a cape, you have definitely won the hearts of boys (and men) everywhere.

Superhero Pops

    I love this idea because no one thinks of giving out a juice box for Valentine’s Day. Add a silly straw and a cute label and you’ve got a unique treat that is perfect for washing down all that chocolate.

Juice Boxes

    Some schools request non-food valentines, this is a great option because most kids love glow sticks and you can get several dozen for only a dollar.

Glow Sticks

    For the budding artist in all of us, you can find these simple water colors at the dollar store (sometimes they are even two for a dollar), and they make a unique and creative valentine!

Colorful Valentine

    These bubble Valentine’s are adorable and perfect for PreK or kindergarten classes that go nuts for bubbles. I have a six year old who would absolutely love to find this in her Valentine’s box.

Bubble Valentines

    Add a little game board and you can make five M&M’s into one of the cutest Valentine’s of the year.

Tic Tac Toe

    I used to work at a school and I made this for my coworkers. They were very easy and such a big hit! The inside of the pencils is Rolos and the tip is a Hershey kiss. Cover it up with a little paper and ribbon and you’re all done!

Pencil Treats

 This mom from Fun on a Dime gets her kids their favorite cereal for Valentine’s Day. I think this is such a fun idea. You could do the same thing with the mini-size cereals for a school class.

Cereal Valentine

 If you’re having a Valentine’s party, these cupid arrow snacks are perfect. They look adorable and combine the best in sweet and salty flavors.

Arrow Treats

 Why make normal white chocolate chip cookies for valentines when you can infuse them with a little extra love (aka: food coloring).

Pink Cookies

 This valentine might take a little extra time, but how amazing would it be to give everyone in your class a friendship bracelet. What an incredible gesture of love that would be!

Bracelet Valentines

 I am one of those crazy moms that actually loves Play-Doh. I know several moms who hate it, but I actually love it. You can get several of the mini containers for just a couple of dollars making this an inexpensive and creative Valentine treat.

Playdoh Valentine

 Valentine’s become infinitely less expensive when you can buy one container of candy and split it among many valentines. These love bugs do exactly that, and it doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Love Bugs