Pillows are plentiful.  On couches.  On beds.  Even in cars or on counters.  Pillows are comfortable, colorful and a simple way to freshen up your decor.  But pillows can be quite expensive, especially if you are trying to match something.  Yet, pillows are so easy to make and if you do your own, you can select the perfect style and color for your application and save money, too.

 Look at some of these easy pillow tutorials.  (Spoiler Alert:  If you’re not a seamstress, there are some ideas for you included, too!!)


Make the case with a simple pillow project for the bed.  A perfect place for beginners to start, for a  kids summer project, or even a fun slumber party idea.  pillow1

Organize Your Stuff Now

Looking for a throw pillow for your sofa?  A basic envelope pillow is the way to begin.  Find your favorite fabric and follow these how-to’s.  pillow2

Newton Custom Interiors

If you don’t already have a pillow form from an old pillow you’re recovering, you’ll need to buy one from a fabric or craft store, or online.  This pillow form size chart will help you determine the dimensions of the fabric you will need for the basic envelope pillow. How handy is that?dont-use-pillow3

Moose Mouse Creations

Another type of pillow cover is one with an Invisible zipper.  I like this one the best because while it is easy to remove for laundering, it doesn’t gape open on the couch or bed.  This tutorial shows how to insert the hidden zip.pillow4

Blog Lovin

A pillow sham is a basic pillowcase, either  envelope or zippered-style with a flange around the perimeter, creating border.  These are often larger, oversized pillows used on beds.


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If you’ve mastered the basics and are ready for some more advanced stuff, try out this beautiful floral throw pillow with pleats in center. Love it!pillow6

So Sew Easy

These pillows with a pom-pom edging put a whimsical touch on the basic pillow.  Perfect for girls’ rooms.  pillow7


Calling all quilters!  Got extra jelly roll fabrics from your projects?  Make a darling pillow cover from them.  Mix and match to your quilty-heart’s content.pillow8

Hobby Craft

Word! That’s right, with some jute and linen, you can personalize your pillow with your favorite sayings.  



Not all pillows are square or rectangle.  Bolster pillows, long round log-shaped pillows are very popular for couches, beds, chairs and are comfortable to lean on.  pillow10

Melly Sews

Oh, bow! This darling bow pillow is pretty as can be.pillow11

I’m Sewing

On a roll with your pillow-making? Use fabric scraps to make these darling round sprocket pillows.  pillow12

Good Home Design

My husband has stacks of old tee shirts, collected from his sports teams and travels.  I’m going to use The Frugal Family Home’s idea to make some of them into pillows for his man cave.  pillow13

Frugal Family Home

Don’t have extra tee shirts?  How about your favorite flannel shirt?  Get it off your back and make a clever pillow out of it.pillow14

Happy at Home

Put on a movie and grab your scissors.  While you’re enjoying the film, cut dozens of small felt circles and when you put them together, you get this dazzling felt circle pillow.  pillow15

Whats Ur Home Story

If you love pillows like Polka Dot Chair does, you’ll love Melissa’s tutorial for this On the Go Reading Pillow.  Just add books, reading glasses, chocolate and you’re ready for a perfect afternoon in the park or on the beach.pillow16

Polka Dot Chair

Don’t hit the open road without this so easy seatbelt pillow.  It keeps that uncomfortable belt from rubbing on your neck, provides a soft place for a nap and keeps your electronics handy.pillow17

So Sew Easy

Guests coming or kids going on a sleepover?  Whip them up a simple bed pillow by sewing together several pillowcases.  They’ll never want to get up.dont-use-pillow18

Dabbles and Babbles

New mamas will love this pillow sleeve for feeding baby, adding padding for feeding the baby.  A perfect shower or new baby gift, for make it for yourself.pillow19

Crafty Fam

Losing a tooth can be a little traumatic, but with a cute tooth fairy pillow, kids will be excited to lose their teeth and find their treats. These pillow tutorials are adorable!pillow20

The Ribbon Retreat

iLove this iPillow for my iPad or tablet.  Makes reading recipes so easy.pillow21

Seamed Simple

So, you’d sew but you don’t have a machine?  No problem.  Grab a needle and thread for these simple hand-sewn pillows.pillow22

Newton Custom Interiors

Sewing just isn’t your style?  You can still make your own easy no-sew envelope-style pillows which are actually glued together.  See I told you I’d have the easiest pillow tutorials! pillow23

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