As Christmas celebrations begin, we deck our halls with boughs of holly, pines and pinecones.  Greenery of all kinds play a central role in Christmas décor.  Christmas greens pair perfectly with accent colors such as red, pink, maroon, yellow, white, chartreuse, blue, gold and silver, whatever your décor theme is, and sparkle with lights.  

Here are 25 evergreen Christmas decoration for the inside and outside of your home.   

   1.  Traditional garlands of pines and firs hang from banisters.  They can be tied snugly to the handrail, wrapped or swaged, or even draped gracefully along the stair treads.

Christmas home decor

    2. Fill your home and porches with boughs of greens in crates, urns, and jars.  Accent them with pinecones and berries, holiday “picks” found in craft stores, and stems of berries

3.     Freeze containers with water and springs of greenery, leaving a hole in the top for a small votive candle.  Freeze.  On Christmas Eve, or for your party, remove the ice blocks, add the candles and place the icy luminaries or your porch or lawn.

greenery 3

4.      Springs of green boost up ordinary gift tags and look beautiful when tucked into ribbons on packaged.

5.     Make a striking, large greenery centerpiece by drilled a hole in the center of an aspen or birch log, fill with a can to hold water to keep the greens fresh

6.     Seat your guests around your holiday table with place cards displaying their names and a sprig of green.

spring for name card

7. Wreaths on doors are a traditional way to use greens during the holiday.  You may choose to use artificial greens to prolong use, but add some fresh greens indigenous to your area for an organic look and festive fragrance.

Christmas wreath garland

8.  Small wreaths or swags of greens and accents add a jolly air when hung with bright ribbon on the backs of dining chairs

9.  Fill exterior decorative lanterns with large Christmas balls, pine cones or lights, and top with ribbon and greens on top for a perfect welcome to guests who join you for the holidays.

greenery 2

10.     String lengths of greenery down the center of your table, mixed with candles, balls, berries and pinecones.

IMG_245311.  Hang brightly festooned swags on doors or walls, be sure to add beautiful holiday ribbons.

12.  Blue and white vases are very popular items in many homes.  For Christmas, dress them up with greens and red flowers and catch attention with little bits of décor here and there.

13.  Embellish your original decor with a few sprigs of evergreen.  This doesn’t over power the decor but gives it a helpful nudge to a earthly feel. 

14.  Mantels are the perfect spot to fill with boughs of green.  Mix them with candles, vases, flowers, picture frames or anything normally on your mantels, or something special for Christmas.

IMG_2424 - Copy

15.  Fill exterior decorative lanterns with large Christmas balls, pine cones or lights, and top with ribbon and greens on top for a perfect welcome to guests who join you for the holidays.

16.  Use your summer flower pots for Christmas décor by filling them with small potted pines and wrapping them with additional garlands and accents.

greenery 4

17.  Don’t forget to dress up your chandeliers by draping garlands of greenery around them. did a great job pulling this off with a wintery feel.  

18.  Use sprigs of greens or bits of ferns for garnishes on holiday dishes and desserts.


19.  Wrap small boughs of greenery around candles set on varying heights of candlesticks.  Place them on mantels, side tables or down the center of the dining or buffet tables.

20.  Tie fresh fire logs together with burlap ribbon and tuck in some greens for a rustic look.

21.  Mason jars, covered with fake snow, and illuminated with votive candles inside make a darling gift or shining luminary.  Add a bit of twine around the mouth of the jar and add berries and sprigs of green.

greenery 5.

22.  Fill apothecary jars with water, adding a little greens and berries.  Place a floating candle in the top of each jar for a sparkling, natural centerpiece

23.  Mini Christmas trees are great accent pieces to any decor.  You can find them at walmart for less than $10.  

24.  Everyday topiaries can be incorporated into Christmas design with festive ribbons.

25.  Decorate empty stockings, hanging in anticipation by stuffing them with sprigs of greenery. I love did a great job of adding delicate sprigs to her stockings.

greenery in stocking


christmas home decor ideas
Learn how to use evergreens into your Christmas for a more natural decor style. You will love these 25 great ideas!