Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in the French countryside, or walk down your hallway in the midst of beautiful aspen trees? With the addition of a wall mural in your home, you can cook in a garden or read in a prairie every single day.

However, I am not an artist. My stick figures are usually indistinguishable. The good news is, it doesn’t take any artistic talent to install a beautiful wall mural in your home.

There are several different types of wall murals you can install, hanging murals, self-stick panel murals, or wallpaper murals.

Prepare Your Wall:

First clean the wall so it’s clean and dry. If you’re applying a mural on drywall, you only need a primer and one coat of latex paint. If your home is already complete, the wall should be smooth, clean and free of debris with any previous wallpaper completely removed.mural-1

Hanging Murals:

A hanging mural is perhaps the easiest, and least permanent mural version. It is sold as a single piece that hangs from the top corner of the wall, where it meets the ceiling. Some wall murals may also attach at the bottom of the wall with hooks or nails to create a seamless look.mural-2

Self-Stick Panel Murals

Self-stick panel murals work best when two people install the murals together. Lay out the panels to be sure you have all the pieces in the correct order, but don’t pre-trim the mural. Make a guideline on the wall and adhere each panel and trim afterward. Always follow the manufacturers instructions to be sure the panels fit together perfectly and create a completely seamless look.mural-3

Wallpaper Murals:

Installing a wallpaper mural is very similar to installing wallpaper. Mark out the dimensions and guidelines on the wall with a light pencil. You can begin installation from the bottom corner, or from the center panel and work outward. Where to start may depend on the manufacturer instructions. Properly installed wallpaper murals should not shrink when they dry, but should be smooth and perfect.


Murals are a beautiful addition to any home, and tend to make the biggest difference in small spaces like an entry, hallway, landing, or bedroom. A large room can be overwhelmed with an equally large mural. Shop carefully for a mural that complements your personal taste and the style of your home. A beautiful image combined with a beautiful room creates an amazing presentation no artist necessary.

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