If your dreams are made of shiplap and chicken wire, you have some to the right place. The new trend is shabby, farmhouse, antique homes with the perfect mixture of southern charm and modern hospitality. The good news is creating a rustic farmhouse style is easy. The even better news is that is not expensive. In fact, some of the best farmhouse style elements are those that are cheap, old, and free.

It’s all about how you pull them together to create a farmhouse style worthy of a magazine. Here are five elements that help you pull together a rustic farmhouse style in any home.

    A Farmhouses are Rustic.

We are not looking for perfection here people, we are looking for rustic, imperfect, and slightly flawed. There is a difference between rustic and dilapidated. Old and broken down does not mean it is rustic. Furniture and décor should be sturdy and strong while perhaps just a little rough around the edges.

    A Farmhouses are rural.

We love old fashioned, rural elements in a farmhouse, but you don’t have to live 100 miles from the nearest town to achieve that rural feel. Things like chicken wire, wooden posts, exposed beams, and galvanized metal make it feel like an easier time, even if you’re in the middle of the city. Rural elements remind you of a time when life was simple with pieces like barn doors, brick posts, and rustic décor.  

A Farmhouses are Soft.

The soft elements of a farmhouse are probably my favorite. A coxy soft blanket against a strong leather couch. A bouquet of dainty flowers on a rustic table. The juxtaposition of hard and soft work together in any style, but the rustic elements with the softer side of nature come together seamlessly.

A Farmhouses are Lived In.

Farmhouses are designed to be lived in, not looked at. They are where crowds gather and family comes home. Décor is seamlessly integrated with everyday items like blankets, mixing bowls, books, and elements that bring the family together.  

Farmhouses are Charming

 The last element of this style is perhaps the most difficult to define. There is a charm about a farmhouse that is undeniable. An ease you feel when you walk in the door. A farmhouse is welcoming, cozy, relaxed, and has all the comforts of home right where you need them.