Looking at four blank walls can be a scary proposition. Especially if you’re a first-time home owner. Figuring out how to decorate a completely blank space can be daunting. There are countless tutorials and tips on how to decorate your home to make everything look just right. Unfortunately, too many homeowners sabotage themselves before they even start.

Before you waste a lot of time and money making mistakes (and then fixing them), review our rules for interior design to avoid the most common home decor mistakes.

    Too many paint colors

 Painting is the easiest way to change up the look of a room. It’s easy, cheap, and makes a big impact. Which also means it’s easy to overdo it. Colored rooms or accent walls are not for everyone and don’t fit in every space. If you absolutely love the idea of an accent wall, only paint one in each room and no more than two in your whole house. Too many accent walls lose their accent and just turn into a house that looks like a box of crayons.design-1

Photo courtesy of stylisheve.com

    Small Rugs

 Rugs can transform a space nearly instantly. However, rugs can be a significant investment, especially big rugs. Purchasing a rug that is too small is both a bad design choice and an unfortunate budget decision. Rugs that are too small for the space wont have the impact you’re looking for and can make the room look disconnected and awkward.  An area rug should have no more than 18 inches from the border of the rug to the border of the space. As a rule of thumb, all of the front feet of your furniture should fit on the rug. If not, it’s too small.


    Hanging curtains too low

Pop quiz: True or false – curtains are hung to cover windows. False. Curtains are hung to make the room look larger, and windows look bigger. While open, your curtains should not cover any of the window itself. They should be hung at least 3 inches above the window, and extend 6-12″ on either side of the window. This technique makes the room look brighter and the windows look larger.


    Too much on the walls

 Somehow, hanging pictures on the walls automatically makes a space feel like home. However, hanging more pictures on the wall will not make a space feel more like home. Every wall does not need something on it, and no one wall needs it all. Think about the focal point in a room. If you have a very busy gallery wall on one side, leave the other surrounding walls completely blank, otherwise your space will be quickly overwhelmed. Sometimes less really is more


    Matching Furniture

 I know, I know, furniture comes in sets. That doesn’t mean it should be bought in sets. Once upon a time, elegant rooms had perfectly matched furniture. Then the cold war was over and we never need to do that again.

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