“May I use your restroom?” If these words make your head spin and your stomach turn, welcome to my world. All of the sudden I think, “are there toothpaste streaks in the sink?”, “Are the towels hung up?” “What if there is underwear on the floor,” “Did I ever change that empty toilet paper roll?”

You may not give your bathroom a second thought when it comes to home décor, but when most of your guests are walking in and out of this personal space, it might be time for an update. You can add character and style to your bathroom in lots of different ways depending on your time and budget. Now, lets update your bathroom!

    One way to spruce up the bathroom is with an accent wall. Most of the time, at least one wall in the bathroom is basically empty. Creating an accent wall is an easy way to bring style into a bathroom. You can paint an accent wall a bright color, or add a wooden accent wall for a different texture.  Finish the wall with a fun quote or a wreath, like this bathroom. 



 Paint is always a good way to change up any room. But paint isn’t just for the bathroom walls, you can actually paint your vanity. Give new life to dated cabinets, and even resurface your sink and countertops. You can also paint hardware and light fixtures with metallic spray paint that looks completely original. Remember that bathrooms should be 70% light colors to make it feel open and clean.


    If your mirror is a little bland, spruce it up by adding some trim and giving it a framed look. There are several tutorials for updating your bathroom mirror, it only takes an hours and about $20. 



    If you are in a rental, or aren’t ready for a big renovation, you can still make a big different with non-permanent changes. Give the bathroom a deep clean and then splurge on new accessories. Sometimes a bright new towel, a colorful rug, a new shower curtain, decorative wall art, or accessories can update your bathroom.  Here are some fun ways to decorate with towels. 

Organization in a bathroom not only is useful but gives a clean look.  Purchase over the toilet organizers or towel racks on the walls.  Baskets are great for holding extra supplies and items you may want hidden.  

All of these changes can be completed in a weekend, and most of them take less than a couple of hours. You can spruce up your space before your next dinner party and in no time at all you will be begging guests to take a peek in your new and improved bathroom. Now go update your bathroom!

Update your bathroom this weekend with these simple tips to give it a makeover!
easy and fast bathroom updating tips
Change your bathroom with these easy tips in just a few hours!