Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt uncomfortable? You’re not sure where to sit or what to do but you feel awkward, anxious, and want to leave? Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what makes one home comfortable and another not so much. It may be in the design of the room itself. The way you decorate your home makes a big difference on how it looks and feels.

There are simple tricks of the pros that you can use in your home or apartment to make it look and feel bigger, comfortable, and more inviting.


This is one of the oldest tricks in the design book. Because mirrors reflect light, they make a space look bigger and brighter. If possible, hang the window across from a window to maximize the reflection.



Hanging High and Low

Where and how you hand things on the wall can make a huge difference in the space. Curtains should be hung high, as close to the ceiling as possible. This draws the eye up and makes the space look bigger. Art, shelves, and portraits should be hung closer to the height of your furniture, this prevents the room from looking like an art gallery.


Obviously, natural light is the best light. Open your windows, curtains, and blinds. You’ll be amazed how much better the space feels just by opening the drapes. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, bring in accent lighting through table and floor lamps to brighten up the space.


The lighter the better for small spaces. Keep the paint color very light and neutral to maximize the wall space. Creams, grays, or light blues are great options for small rooms.


Keep décor in a small space simple, but that doesn’t mean a small space needs small décor. Sometimes a large impact piece works perfectly in a small space because it draws the eye and creates a focal point. However, too much décor (whether large or small) ends up looking cluttered. Eliminate non-essential furnishings, and stick with only one focal point.



This is one of those sneaky designer tips, but if you choose furniture with legs, it can make your room look bigger. When you can see under, through, or past furniture, a small space looks bigger. So an open bookshelf, or sofa with legs is better for a small space than a skirted sofa or traditional bookshelf. Try to find furniture that provides multiple functions like a storage trunk as an end table or an ottoman with a tray instead of a basic coffee table.

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