I love all kinds of home décor, but there’s something about Christmas décor that just gives you all the feels. Maybe it’s just the whole reason for the season, but when I see twinkling lights and boughs of holly, it gives me a feeling like no other season. Every time I walk into a home that is decorated for the holidays, I just want to have a deep breath and take it all in.

However, there’s a fine line between cozy Christmas décor that is beautiful and peaceful and an over-the-top bonanza of every Christmas decoration you ever had stuffed in every nook and cranny in your house. These types of homes give me the hibby jibbies. There are a few tips you can incorporate to make your home a winter wonderland and not the island of misfit toys.  


Lights are what make the Christmas season different. No other season has as many lights involved as Christmas does. It is also the only season that looks best in a dark room. I like to keep my lights off as much as possible during Christmas, which means I have lights everywhere.

I bring in an extra lamp or two and add lights to the mantel, the hallway, the kitchen, the stairs, and of course, the tree. I try to have some type of additional lighting incorporated into most of my décor so when the lights go out, everything shines.



I also love a wide variety of texture in my décor. I love the soft textures of flannel, fleece, fur, and cozy cable knit. I also love the outdoor texture of pine boughs, and logs. Welcoming textures that are soft and natural give a warm and cozy feeling to the entire space. Playing with texture is a great way to bring depth and cohesiveness to any room.  Make sure to have several soft textures such as pillows and throws.  My favorite throw is this  Knitted Throw Blanket off amazon that hashas a beautiful red and white pattern.  It will match all decor and give a homey traditional look.  This is my go to for a holiday movie and hot chocolate.



It doesn’t have to be plaid (although that is a wonderful choice), but I think patterns make a big difference in Christmas décor. If everywhere you look has a different color scheme and pattern, it gets quickly overwhelming. I like to pick a color scheme and a few coordinating patterns and keep everything else simple. Some décor is bright and colorful, and others is muted metallic tones. A wide variety of  styles can be beautiful, as long as you don’t try to incorporate every single style into your own space.



We used to spend the holidays at my husband’s family cabin, and I still believe that Christmas in a cabin is the best place to spend the holidays. Something about being away from everyone and everything and focusing on your family shuts out the chaos of the season. Although we can’t always spend Christmas at a cabin, we can bring a little bit of that into our home décor with natural, rustic, and simple décor that reinforces the idea of simplicity and peace.


    Natural greens

I always love to have natural plants and greenery in my home, but especially at Christmastime. I think it’s beautiful to have a bucket full of pinecones, or a few boughs of pine tied together with a sprinkling of cinnamon. It’s inexpensive and authentic, two things that are often overlooked in Christmas décor.



Somehow, the smell of Christmas always fills the air as soon as I start decorating, but it doesn’t always stick around. I love to find small ways to incorporate  smells into my home throughout the season. Christmas mulling spices, tree scents, or candles are a great way to bring a beautiful accent and that ever important  scent. I grew up with Yankee Candle Votives  they have the best smelling candles out there, without making your home smell artifical. 


I hope you and your family have  a wonderful holiday and enjoy being together!

Christmas cozy

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