Christmas time is the season for twinkling lights, decoration trees, carols, wassail, and festive holiday cheer.  Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas is the lighted tree, pull of sparkle and twinkling lights.  

If you have ever hung lights around the tree, then you are very familiar with how difficult it can be to make it look like all the lovely pictures that you find online or the fantastic tree you see if store displays.  With just a few simple tips and tricks you too can master the art of lighting your next Christmas tree just like a professional.

1- Make sure that you have a sufficient number of lights for the desired result . . .. which may be more than you think!  For a subdued and subtle lighting, you should use approximately 600 lights on a 6-foot tree.  Plan for up to 1000 lights for an 8-foot tree.  For ‘average’ lighting used 1000 lights per 6 feet, or 1500 per 8 feet.  For intense lighting up your light count to 2000 per 6 feet, and up to 4000 per 8 feet!

Christmas tree lit up


2- Many of us, wrap the tree in circular fashion.  Instead of wrapping your tree in lights, consider mentally dividing your tree into triangles down from the top.  Place your lights vertically.  This will help to break up the strands so you ultimately don’t look like you have a striped Christmas tree.


3- Wrap branches with the strings of lights.  If you are going for a subtle lighting effect then only wrap the strand around the main branches.  For a moderate lighting, the lights will be wrapped around about half of the greens along the branch.   For showcase lighting  wrap the strand around every green as you work your way across each branch.

Christmas tree lights

4- For a professional decorator-inspired lighting job, consider using only clear or white non-blinking lights.  Let the richness and color on your tree come from your ornaments, garlands, and other adornments.

5- Use solid lights on the tree itself.  Then add one string of blinking white or clear lights around the trunk of the tree to give it an understated sparkling appearance.



6- Think about adding some lights throughout your tree that are slightly larger size that the majority of the regular lights.  This will give an added professional edge to your decorating that will not be obvious to the naked eye.  They will certainly give your Christmas tree that little extra something special.



Christmas tree lighting information