Gender-neutral nursery’s are the hot new trend for moms everywhere. For some, the gender neutral nursery is necessary because they prefer to wait until birth to find out the gender.  a gender surprise. Personally, I could never wait (did I mention I hate surprises?). I am such a planner than the anticipation would literally kill me. Still for others, a gender neutral nursery makes it easier to share a room with a sibling, or prepare a nursery for twins.

Some parents prefer a gender neutral nursery because they don’t want to push a pink or blue agenda onto their baby girl or boy, but instead prefer a calming, neutral space that any baby can flourish in. Whatever the reason, here are a few of the charming gender neutral nursery room ideas.

    Yellow is a quintessential neutral color, and the butter cream color they used here is perfect for a baby nursery. It’s not too loud, not too pale. Paired with gray is a very soothing and cozy backdrop, I could sit for hours in this nursery.  For this bedding Click here for a 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set that is 50% off



    I love the storybook theme for a gender neutral nursery. All children love books, and so this idea extends well beyond gender or age. The color of green on the walls is soft behind beautiful aspen wall art and beautiful and the grey and yellow accents bring everything together. (This room also used the yellow and gray bedding found in the link for the previous page.)


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    This grey nursery is not at all gloomy with bright white polka dots, and baby animal accents. I love the chiffon curtains and then small accents of color in the light fixture and blankets. Amazon also offers a beautiful Gray and White bedding set, I wish I had when I had my baby.  


    We all know music is a universal language, why not bring it into the nursery with a beautiful wall art of your favorite lullaby. This nursery has only the essentials and looks like a beautiful space to lay your little one.


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    Doesn’t this nursery make you want to sit in that cozy chair and just rock for a while? I Maybe it’s the lamp in the corner, maybe it’s the warm shades, but this nursery is absolutely beautiful and completely gender neutral.


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    On the brighter side is a whimsical Dr. Suess nursery perfect for boys and girls of all ages. This could be a great way to create a shared speace between siblings. Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess and the bright colors of WooVille? Here is a  Dr. Seuss bedding set that plays on the “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” book, how perfect for a nursery room?



    Rain or shine is such a unique and fun theme for this nursery. I’d love to find a way to incorporate the words “You are my sunshine” as wall art or a large canvas print in this space.nursery-7

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