7 Great Ideas For Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden shine after dark by illuminating the best features of your home. Well-placed lighting… Read more »

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Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden shine after dark by illuminating the best features of your home. Well-placed lighting can make your guests feel welcome, your home look cozy, and your party feel warm.

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, or you are simply looking to add a little curb appeal after the sun goes down, lighting is the ticket you need to get there. Here are some of the best ideas for outdoor lighting that are unique, simple, and make a big impact.

    Rope lights are perhaps the most underutilized outdoor lighting. They are so easy to install and yet rarely used year-round. They look beautiful as lined walkways, edging, or along a railing. You can keep them straight, or loop them through your fence for a unique look.


    If it’s too cold for a fire, put your pit to good use and use Christmas lights instead. This gives a beautiful glow that takes a second glance to realize it’s not a real flame. I love this idea for a party that may have small children wandering around as well. You get the ambiance without the safety hazard of an actual fire.


    Who says wreaths are only for Christmas? I love this bulb wreath for any season. Hang it on the fence, from the balcony, or over the deck. The white bulbs give a classic look that lasts all year long.


    Sometimes all you need is a simple string of lights. This setup used logs based in concrete poles, but you could also use existing trees. The lights themselves are oversized bulbs, which provide plenty of light with a classic ambiance.


    I love these hanging jar lanterns because they are classically beautiful. Hanging lanterns work well in a variety of areas. They are perfect for a railing, or staircase, but you can also hang them from a trellis or pergola.


    Who knew a hoola hoop and some Christmas lights could look so classy? I love this idea because it’s so simple and pure genius. It works perfectly for a shabby chic, or more modern design. It is easy to create, install, and use all year.


    In case you didn’t know, you can actually find illuminated planters, which are one of the easiest ways to add lights to your landscape. Swap out your boring planters for those that really shine. You can get them in nearly any shape or size and fill them with your favorite plants. Now you get a beautiful bloom in the day and an awesome glow after dark.



I hope these ideas will help you enjoy the summer night air a little more.

outdoor lightingLove these lighting ideas for any party, wedding, or outdoor event!
Great outdoor lighting ideas for the summer nights!
Outdoor lighting is beautiful with these easy ideas!

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