In case you haven’t heard, lunch time is a big deal in the elementary world.

I am constantly hearing stories about what Timmy had in his lunch box and how Sally’s mom cuts her sandwiches into butterflies every Tuesday. Joey’s mom actually came to lunch with him and I’ve been hearing about that for the last month.

Truth be told, most days my kids get a basic sandwich, chips, and a juicebox. I don’t have time to cut out butterflies or make homemade chocolate pudding in a biodegradable container.

This might make me only a sub-par mom 90 percent of the time, but when I do put in a little extra effort for special holiday lunches, it definitely gets noticed. So every once in a while, I put a little more love into lunch and my kids love it (and maybe even talk about how awesome I am for a whole day).

Here are some go-to ideas for Valentine lunch ideas to show a little love at the lunch table.

1.     Sprinkles to kids are like diamonds to women, seriously have you seen a kid around a sprinkle covered cupcake? It rivals Christmas in my house. I also love all the heart apple pieces.

2.     What a cute little mix aptly named “Cupid Crunch”. You could even include a couple extras for your little one to share with their table friends.

valentine lunch ideas for mom

3.     This is actually a pancake breakfast for lunch, which my kiddos would love even if it wasn’t all shaped like hearts with sprinkles in the yogurt!

valentines lunch idea

4.     No cookie cutters? No problem! Love notes on a banana is such a cute way to give them a little something extra.

5.     Fruit skewers are so cute, and something so fun and different. You could cut them out the night before and have them ready to go before the hustle and bustle of school mornings.

valentine lunch

6.     Strike your loved one with cupids bow and the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. This one is sure to be the hit of the cool kids table.

7.     This one definitely requires some prep, but it’s a simple lunchable-style meal with a heart theme. They used silicone cupcake wrappers, but you could easily use fun paper wrappers as well.

Fun Valentine lunch ideas for kids