Chalkboards have taken over the home décor industry. They seem to be everywhere you turn, and for good reason. Everything from refrigerator doors to headboards are being covered in chalkboard paint and playing double duty in homes across the country.

Chalkboards are easy to make, versatile to use, and can be updated or changed as often as you’d like. I love chalkboards because they are so useful! I can use them as seasonal framed décor, or more functional as a calendar or menu board. Best of all, they are cute! You really can’t beat one item that is both beautiful and functional.  

If you need a deal on chalkboard paint, check out this link for Chalkboard Paint, where it is much cheaper than a craft store.  Here are several different DIY chalkboard tutorials for creating your own simple chalkboard framed décor.

    If you’re going for a giant chalkboard, this is the way to do it. I love the chunky frame that outlines the chalkboard. I think it gives a sophisticated look, even if it’s covered in kids drawings most of the time.chalk-1

Shanty 2 Chic

    For designing a kids board, this is an adorable option. I love the buckets on the bottom for storing chalk and erasers and magnets. I’m fairly certain my daughter could spend all day at this wall.chalk-2

The Sweat Man Family

    For a more functional chalkboard, a menu board is a great option. It’s easy to simply erase and write in every week.  I can’t explain why, but when my menu looks cute I tend to cook a lot better that week.chalk-3Craving Some Creativity

    I also love the calendar chalkboard idea. This is more for décor than function because it doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing in dates and appointments. I also love that this calendar only goes until the 25th, because let’s be honest, once Christmas gets here nothing else matters.


Country Living 

    This is a basement wall that combines a chalk board and magnet board. It’s the best of both worlds in one magnificent project. This would be perfect for a large basement, or a home daycare.chalk-5

Project House to Home

   This idea is not only beautiful but functional, allowing the whole household to know what is going on each day of the month.  Love it! chalk-6 Sincerely Sarad

    No board? No problem! Use a panel on your door and paint it over with chalk board paint and voila! A chalkboard ready to use for menu’s, grocery lists, etc.


Interiors Designed

Frames also make an awesome DIY gift for birthdays or Christmas, they look beautiful and make a great gift for those people who seem to have everything. Everyone could use an extra chalkboard in their life, right?!chalk-8

Confessions of a DIYer