Ok, let’s be honest. The laundry room is not the most glamorous space in the house. It’s not somewhere most of us want to spend a lot of time. When I go in my laundry room, I try to get in and get out as fast as I possibly can. That is mostly due to the fact that my laundry is the size of a large closet.

I dream of the day when I can have a laundry room that isn’t claustrophobic and allows me to actually do my laundry in the room specified for the chore. Truth be told most days I fold laundry in front of the TV.  However, these gorgeous laundry room designs are giving me hope my clothes might just stay in the laundry room!

    Ok, look that these fold down drying racks. That is sheer genius! I also love the farmhouse sink and the beautiful subway tile backsplash. This picture only shows you a portion of the cabinet and drawer space in this space.dont-use-laundry-1The Inspired Room


    What a beautiful countertop area with functional baskets underneath and cupoboards above. Of course, mine would never look this clear, but it would be a beautiful place to sort mountains of laundry.


Twelfth on Main

    I can’t be sure, but this laundry room looks like it’s actually in the middle of the living space. It’s pretty enough to put anywhere with the large built in storage cabinet, it’s  an entertainment center for laundry!50 Awesome Laundry Room Design Ideas @styleestate

Pink Wall Paper

    No space? No problem, this hallway laundry room is gorgeous with giant barnwood style doors that are easy to move back and forth all day long. I am loving that cottage blue color as well.50 Awesome Laundry Room Design Ideas @styleestate


    This is another closet laundry room that I was amazed at. I can’t believe they managed to fit in cabinets, hanging space, and a countertop in one laundry closet. The result is absolutely stunning.50 Awesome Laundry Room Design Ideas @styleestate

House of Youthful Dreams

    How cute is that tiny clothesline?! I love the farmhouse sinks for scrubbing out stains, and the countertop over the washer and dryer is sheer genius.50 Awesome Laundry Room Design Ideas @styleestateThe Wood Grain Cottage


    I can’t believe how much stuff they fit in such a small space! The open shelving is a great concept for the laundry room, and I love the hanging hooks for small items you use everyday.  The natural colored baskets work perfectly with the wood table, these  Shelf Basket with White Lining give the same feel but have an added white lining, giving a clean feel to it.  


Angie’s Roost

8.     Even if you don’t have space in your laundry room, you can still create a laundry station in the hallway or extra closet that allows you to sort, hang, dry, and fold all in one convenient place!dont-use-laundry-8

I need a new laundry room so bad- I love these design ideas!
Laundry rooms to inspire you to a cleaner, more organized space!