9 Spring Wreaths Ideas

I love always having a wreath on my front door. I think it is more welcoming than a bare door,… Read more »

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I love always having a wreath on my front door. I think it is more welcoming than a bare door, and I’ve had a wreath on for so long that when I don’t have it I think my front door looks completely naked.

Usually during the winter I have a simple grapevine wreath with some winter picks or a snowman scene, but when spring comes along it’s time to spruce up the front porch. Here are a few of my favorite springtime wreaths that are simple enough to pull together in an afternoon.

    Tulips are one of my all-time favorite flowers, and I love how these tulips come bursting out of both sides of this giant burlap bow. I’d also love a teal door, but I’m pretty sure my husband would never agree to that. That’s ok, I’ll settle for beautiful tulips.


    What a gorgeous wreath, so beautiful and sophisticated, I love everything about it. Hydrangeas are my all-time favorite flower to use in home décor because they are full and beautiful. I love the addition of the welcome sign in the center, it’s picture perfect!


    When Easter comes around, you need to have an Easter egg wreath and this one is perfect! I love the pastel colors and the adorable bow at the top. Best of all, it’s super simple to put together and even the kids can help with this one.


    Doesn’t this wreath just look like a breath of fresh air? I love the bright green colors, it’s almost as if it is willing mother nature to turn everything green again. It’s simple, but makes a beautiful statement.


    I love the colors of this wreath. It’s perfectly spring without being too over-the-top. The subtle neutral blue colors make a great transition from winter to fall and the flowers accenting the nest are absolutely stunning.


    I am obsessed with this wreath technique. The soft fibers are perfect for places (like Colorado) that are still pretty dang cold even when it’s supposed to be “spring” outside (it snows on Easter regularly around here.)

    At first glance I thought this was an easter egg wreath, but when I looked closer I realized it is not. Those are fabric covered balls of all different sizes placed together in a beautiful way. I love this idea and it’s easily transferrable to other seasons as well.


    Who says a wreath needs to be traditional? This garden hose wreath is one of my favorites because it’s so unexpected!


    This is a great crossover wreath (a wreath to use in between seasons), the burlap and felt lend themselves a little bit to winter, but the bright colors scream spring. This is a great one to put up in March or April.


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